THE BOOK OF SITRA ACHRA - 11 copies - The Serpent's Sacrifice Talisman Edition
Each book dedicated to one of the Eleven Heads of Azerate, with the Throne Seal and Angle Key of the Corresponding Head drawn with Holy Ink
empowered by the Serpent's Blood spilt in Redemptive Sacrifice on the extra parchment page added to the opening section of these Eleven Books.

Additional talismanic items paired with and accompanying the books in order to further the dispensing of the Blessing and the Curse, takes form as 11 heads of vipers,
each holding in their open fanged mouth a Talismanic Seal Scroll, acting as the telestic source of their animation activated via the rites of sacrifice,
connecting each of them to one of the 11 Principal Guardian Angels of the Eleven Heads of Azerate.

These talismans, made and consecrated by the scribe of the book and the Magister of the Temple, are essentially related to the pact described in
"The Calling of the Guardian Angel of Nachashel - The Treaty of the Serpentine Famulus" and will each act as specific fetishistic enlinkment to one of the
Serpentine Guardians and Watchers of that rite.

Each of these 11 Talismanic Books will be delivered in a handmade black goat-skin folder, in order to offer suitable and worthy covering
and protection for each of the blood-stained books. On the front of each black goat-skin folder is blind-stamped an evocational mark of
Azerate in order to further ground, focus and maintain the forces seated within each Talismanic Book.