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Liber Falxifer III L I B E R   F A L X I F E R   I I I
The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod


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The system outlined in Liber Falxifer III will be approachable for all those that already cultivate according to the earlier teachings of the Temple of Qayin (T.F.C.) and will cast light where before obscurity still prevailed, offering the means for many years, if not a whole lifetime, of exploration and needful application of the share of Saint Qayin's power that He based upon the Covenant with Death and Pact with Azerate have made available to those that do His Work and manifest His Will.

Liber Falxifer III - The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod is divided in Four Parts, each consisting of 13 chapters, outlining not only a most detailed description of the Qayin of the Necrosophic/ Ainsophic Tradition, His Work and Powers, but also in different degrees of both covert and overt presentation the telestic imagery that shall become employed within workings beyond what is specifically instructed, such as a whole system of Qayinite Path-Working, Contemplation and Meditation, meant to grant further revelations and insights into Ethos and Spirit of the Gnostic Death-Cult of those that seek Unfated Empowerments otherwise far beyond the reach of the living.

Regular Edition: Hardcover book, in black cloth with a gold stamping of Insignia of The Lord of the Crossroads of Nod on the cover, 276 pages, black embossed endpapers, black silk-ribbon bookmark. Full colour dustjacket. First Edition of 1300 copies, each book consecrated and hand numbered.  Read more...

Gullveigarbok G U L L V E I G A R B O K

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She is known as the black underworldly crone and giantess of the black anti-cosmic runes and magic, who comes at midnight up from under the ground and walks between houses to visit the practitioners of the black arts (or fjölkunnigr, as they were called), to teach them about the black runes and anti-cosmic magic. She is known as first wife, or mistress of Loki. Her names are many, amongst which the most well-known ones are Gullveig, Heišr, Aurboša, Angrboša and Hyrrokin. She was looked upon as an evil woman, "illr kona", and the mother of all trolls, "flagš", troll being the Old Norse term for malignant and bestial demons, viewed upon as a thurs-kin, which are often dwellers of the forests, mountains and the underworld.

The book explores Gullveig through Old Norse mythology, sagas, Witchcraft & Poetry, which also includes descriptions of related giants and underworldly locations connected to her, such as: Loki, Jųrmungandr, Fenrir, Hel; Jųtunheimr, Helheimr, Niflheimr, and much more.

The Gullveigarbók gives the student a wide overview, explaining the darker side of Norse mythology as a whole, making it an important work for readers searching for knowledge concerning this before seldom explored aspect of Northern Spirituality.

The latter part of the Gullveigarbók book is called Fjųlkyngi, witchcraft, and holds the esoteric aspects and praxis of the author's own witchcraft as connected to the Thursatru Tradition - Žursatrś sišr - and divulges aspects of the author's magical Gullveig workings. This part of the book also introduces students to how the Gullveig sigils, or bindrunes are to be employed.

Regular edition: Hardcover book bound in black leatherette, cover stamped with golden bind-rune Ķsarn, black endpapers. Fully illustrated, 371 pages including a fold-out map of Heldrasill, the underworld. Second edition 2017. Second Edition of 550 copies. Read more...


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'LOKI' is the second volume in the Žursakyngi series and a grimoire focused on the Sorcerous Praxis of the Thursatru Tradition, a book meant to be a guide for the Thursatruar towards and through the initiatory stages of the Cult of Loki.

The grimoire opens with the chapter 'Žursbók Loka' which divulges a Thursian Perspective on Loki, as it is perceived according to the gnosis of the author. It is as such intended to illuminate and bring forth the hidden virtues, aspects, and inner essence of Loki.

The following chapter 'Fjölkyngisbók' continues with an assemblage of texts which are meant to prepare the Thursatruar for the Initiatory Workings, with subjects such as Trollskapr, where the general umbrella term Troll is discussed as being, within this specific context of the work presented, descriptive of those that are carriers of the Black Flame, belonging to the Thursian Bloodline. Other topics discussed concern the proper way to Cleanse, Consecrate, and Empower, Hvergelmisvatn, how to light a magical fire; Knot Magic; how to harvest plant parts, the Runes used in Thursian Sorcery, Runic Numerology, the Disharmonic activation of the Thursian powers of the Runes; the Secret Runes of Loki and Loptr where the runes in His names are read and referred to and understood in the darksome light cast by Loki, Fella Blótspįnn where an old divination method has been re-created and personalized to suit the Thursian approach and much more.

All this followed by the first chapter on the Sorcerous Workings called 'Lęvateinstaufr', which guides the Thursatruar in creating and empowering the threefold Lęvateinn Fetish and its Mound Throne, to be placed on the Altar of Loki.

These magical expositions continue with the chapter called 'Lokastallr', where instructions concerning how to create the proper Thursian Altar of Loki and its tools, materials, and elements are given.

In the succeeding chapter called 'Žursakyngisbók Loka' the book continues to describe and explain certain important elements of the Lokian Sorcery, such as the specific incenses, offerings, the fire steel talisman and the fires of Loki and many other implements.

The grimoire closes with the chapter 'Blótbók Loka', which gives the invocations and prayers of the Thursian Cult.

Regular edition: Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover debossed with a Sword and golden Śtgaršaloki stamping. 270 pages. Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work. First Edition of 950 copies. Read more...

Argarizim - The Fall of         Lucifer A R G A R I Z I M   -   T H E   F A L L   O F                   L U C I F E R
Johannes Nefastos

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Argarizim continues studies where Fosforos left off; disclosing a deeper understanding of the Luciferian gnosis, one that is not focused on carnality or egotism, but on the pursuit of true realization concerning the essence of Satan and the philosophy of the occult, focusing in this book more specifically on areas that otherwise are rarely treated in general LHP literature. The book concentrates, amongst other topics, on the influences of emotions, as connected to aspects of Cardinal Sins, within the advancement of the initiate, explaining the differences between satanic paths and their progressive and regressive effects within the spiritual context. Dangers of the astral realms in connection to interactions with their denizens and the different states of the Spirit in the afterlife are also amongst the varied occult topics addressed, making this book most valuable for the students that have experienced the trials of the Mortification phase and that now reach for deeper and higher understanding concerning spiritual evolution as it is perceived within the author’s Brotherhood of the Star of Azazel.

The book consists of twelve chapters (each named after a certain stage of the descent into the Dantean Hell) plus prologue & epilogue.

Regular edition: Hardcover book bound to black cloth, 139 pages. Limited edition of 888 copies. Read more...