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The Hekataeon T H E   H E K A T A E O N
Jack Grayle

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The Hekatæon is in essence a Hymnal to Hekate: an ecstatic work dedicated to the Maiden-Serpent-Wolf, and manifested by her divine grace. Forged by the author's personal journey, this grimoire maps out a series of serpentine windings that lead the reader through a labyrinth of songs, spells, chants and invocations to the very throne of the Queen of Crossroads herself.

Directly inspired by Mediterranean myth, classical literature, and the sorcerous workings of late antiquity (to include the Greek Magical Papyri and related material), The Hekatæon is a unique compendium that fearlessly sets forth a treasure-trove of magical and devotional tools by which the devotee may ally herself with the chthonic spirits that grant the power, protection, and gnosis of Hekate.

The Hekatæon was created as an act of devotion, and is meant to be used as such. To that end it contains four sections which allow the Reader to enter Hekate's service by enlisting the aid of three spirit allies, creating nine sacred tools of art, learning the arcane meaning of Hekate's twenty-seven epithets, and accessing the latent powers of the titans, the dead, and the earth itself through the workings of thirty-three spells.

Once opened, the book leads each reader inexorably down the Forked Path, gradually initiating those walking its serpentine roads into increasingly complex workings which involve the formation of pacts with intermediary spirits, the consecration of god-filled idols made from the skulls of dogs, serpents and goats, and the evocation of beings such as the chthonic solar daimon BAXYXSYXYX (the "Son-of-Darkness-Soul-of-Darkness") to perform various sorcerous workings of nocturnal, ophidian and even baneful nature — and much, much more.

Regular edition: Hardbound book bound in grey cloth, 368 pages. 6 full-page illustrations, 28 sigils, and a dozen photographs of ritual tools and items. The first edition published in an edition of 850 regular copies. Read more...

Hekate - The Crossroads Dark Goddess - Special Set H E K A T E   -   T H E   C R O S S R O A D S   D A R K   G O D D E S S   -   S P E C I A L   S E T  
Idlu Lili Regulus

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This book focuses on one of the most dark and mysterious deities of antiquity; the terrifying mother of witches and witchcraft, the nocturnal guardian of the crossed paths of life and death, the most ancient and capricious queen - Hekate. Even though she traditionally have been depicted with three faces, the reader will in this book become presented to far more aspects. Idlu Lili Regulus initiates his exploration of the Mysteries first through the classical literature and ideas concerning the Goddess of Crossroads, but then unites the historical and theoretical material with a deeply personal perspective based on the author's own magical and religious praxis.

Set contains:
1) Slipcased book, Limited collectors edition of 70 copies
2) Ikon of Hekate
3) Large poster

1) Hekate - The Crossroads´ Dark Goddess book in an amethyst colour slipcase with silver foiling image of The Holy column of Hekate-Zônodrakontis foiled on the frontcover, and snake on the backcover. Limited collectors edition of 70 copies.

2) A medium size artprint card/ikon, the image depicting Hekate is printed in size 26,6cm x 20,7 cm on high quality glossy cardboard.

3) Hekate - Large Poster. The image drawn by David S. Herrerías, is one of the illustrations from the Hekate - The Crossroads´ Dark Goddess book. This image depicting Hekate is printed on 39,2cm x 30,6cm size high quality glossy cardboard. Large poster limited to a strict edition of 55 copies, each copy handnumbered.

Condition: Book: Very Good (small marks on the slipcase). Poster: Invisible layer of glue on the lower corner of the poster (does not show in normal viewing). Discounted -50% from the original price in mint condition (375 eur).  Read more...