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The Toadman

The Toadman
Nigel Pennick

"The Toadmen were a clandestine rural fraternity famed for their mysterious powers, including the control over horses who would both heal and hex, and whose path was considered particularly perilous." The author uses a variety of sources, including interviews with practicing Toadmen and his own family's oral tradition, to describe the practice of Toadmanry and place it "in the context of the toad in folklore, alchemy, medicine and European religion." The chapter headings as follows:- Introduction Frog and Toad Symbolism in Alchemy, Shape-Shifting as a Toad, Toad as a Familiar Traditional Medicine and Toadmanry, The Bone, Secret Uses of the Bone, Rural Fraternities: Toadmen and Horsemen, Horse Stopping, The Word, The Whisper and the Devil, "Have you seen the Devil", The Travails of Toadmanry, Putting the Toad on Someone, Appendices 1. Bones in the Shoemakers, Legendarium 2. The Miller's Word 3. Some Toadmanry in Obeah, Hoodoo and Conjur 4. Other Bone magic and English Horse Skull Performances 5. Speculation upon some Roots of Toadmanry 6. The Examination of John Walsh, Footnotes, Bibliography and Reference. The book sold out on publication and this is one of the very few copies seem to have appeared on the secondary market. Of the 150 copies, 117 were issued thus (bound in quarter toadskin, and 33 in half-toadskin). Every copy has a small toad device blind stamped on the book, each in a different location. The toad leather used is from Australian cane toads, an introduced species considered a pest, that has caused massive environmental damage.

Society for Esoteric Endeavour, 2012. Bound in quarter toadskin with cloth covered boards, leather spine label to spine and upper board with gilt titling and borders. Black & white, colour illustrations. Hand-marbled paper endsheets. Edition limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. Mint condition. 1,300 eurosAdd Item

A Complete System of Magic

A Complete System of Magic

Half a century before Crowley a hitherto unknown "astrological professor and magician" was at work in Liverpool. England. He was also a herbalist and a galvanist. Like Crowley, he (and his associates, but especially him) were accused of practising and promoting sexual immorality and undermining religious propriety. He developed his own system for crystal skrying involving placing the skrying glass at the centre of "bonds" diagrams with names of power. The bond for men and women were different indicating an awareness of tantric polarity. His technique for facilitating the visions which were seen not by himself, but by the clients themselves, has similarities with eroto-comotose lucidity, the sex magick technique described by Aleister Crowley. He was part of a milieu, seers who performed a perilous magical ritual, with similarities to the then as yet unpublished Goetia, to establish contact with the spirits in order to enable them to obtain visions in the skrying glasses. His magical manuscript survives and it is here published in full. Effectively it is a magic book of an urban cunning man with a strong folkish element. There is an imaginative narrative that suggests Crowley was initiated by the famous Essex cunning man George Pickingill. The eye-opening material published here shows that there were analogies between 19th Century clandestine folk magic and Crowley's highly academic approach, not least the ambiguity as to whether the practitioner was empowering or abusing those who came under his spell! The publication is called A Complete System of Magic, the title given by the practitioner to his manuscript.

It consists of four hardback book in a felt lined slipcase:-
1) the complete transcript of the manuscript
2) biography of the practitioner by Dan Harms
3) Daniel Harms, Witch Bottles, Steel & Glass, provides context and background for procedures given in the manuscript
4) Daniel Harms, Wax Images, "Voodoo Dolls", Figurines, Manikins & Poppets gives context and background for procedure given in the manuscript
5.) Also enclosed in the slipcase is a hardback folder in which holds:-
- Large format sheet on which are reproductions as cuttings of the 12 newspaper articles which, though very hostile, are highly informative regarding the practitioner and his milieu.
- Facsimiles of all sections of the manuscript (except one part poorly copied from Agrippa's Fourth Book).
- Limitation sheet with bookplate blocked in pure gold and inscribed to the person acquiring the set by a calligrapher. This can be unfolded to reveal certain instructions but one would have to break a wax seal bearing the imprint of the Society of Esoteric Endeavour. These instructions give the method by which one can access a felt lined secret chamber in the slipcase which contains items required for practising the Complete System of Magic. Some people can find their way in without guidance but most people cannot! It is a challenge!

Inside the secret chamber are:-
1) the three "bonds" the diagrams with names of power upon which the skrying glasses are placed.
2) Round skrying glass.
3) Egg shaped skrying glass as used by the Liverpool seers.
4) Cylindrical skrying glass as used by the Liverpool seers.
5) A metal ring upon which the oval and round glass can be placed
6) Beeswax for making wax images.
7) Vervain Leaves (manuscript deals with its magical properties).
8) Vervain Root (manuscript deals with its magical properties).
9) Naturally shed wild snakeskin (manuscript deals with its magical properties).

Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2018. Condition: mint. The secret chamber is in unopened condition. Shipping only inside EU countries. 970 eurosAdd Item



Lilith drawing, an original drawing made by Patrick Larabee. The dimensions of the art: 21,5cm width x 27,7cm height. 120 eurosAdd Item

Whisperings from the Void

Whisperings from the Void
Patrick Larabee

Presents a work consisting of esoterically inspired art and prose from a practitioner of Sorcerous Crafts. Regular edition, limited edition of 500 copies of which obviously considerably smaller amount was released in reality until the book was released in smaller format very soon after the launch. This is the original large format, large folio size edition, first printing. Condition: good, the corners of the book are slightly bumped. 120 eurosAdd Item

The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

The Vulvic Trans-Missionary
Patrick J. Larabee

Presents a work consisting of esoterically inspired art and prose from a practitioner of Sorcerous Crafts. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies quarter leather bound + Moire Silk front and back cover silver foil lettering to spine and sigil stamp to front cover. Secondhand, mint condition. 80 eurosAdd Item

Þursakyngi IV ‘Svartkonst’ is the first part of a two-part series regarding Swedish sorcery known as svartkonst (black art). This book offers a historical, mythological and folkloric insight in old Swedish folk magical traditions with explanations and a glossary, as well as twenty-four practical bindrunes, called Trollrunor, which are charged and tested according to Swedish svartkonst and our own tradition. They can be quickened and employed by following the instructions that comes with each rune. In line with the Trollrunor, the book also comprises fourteen simpler bindrunes called Tursarnas Vapen, each one representing a sorcerous virtue, which are employed when their empowerments are needed. Their attributes, correspondences and sympathetic links are listed with each rune. In addition to the practical part, customs concerning offerings, periods and days of the year, tincture and incense recipes for cleansing, magical ink formula, and how to make a conjuring wand are included.

In the last part of the book, a handful of the most relevant entities (väsen) connected to svartkonst, our Thursian Tradition and the mysteries leading back to the Descendants of the Thurses are explored in a concise but insightful form from the perspective of Swedish folklore, such as the Devil, giants and trolls, and genii loci (such as rån, näckar and tomtar etc.), an account which is meant to give those enticed by svartkonst a strong foundation in the relevant aspects of Swedish folk belief.

Swedish Svartkonst (black art or nigromancy) is not equivalent to any imagined form of "pure Swedish pre-Christian magic", but is instead something that while having emerged from the Old Norse forms of spirituality early on been saturated by Christian influences which successively predominated the folk belief and practical sorcery of Scandinavia. And through this amalgamation of old wisdom with the newer beliefs and knowledge concerning conjurations, magic, alchemy, and medicine the very unique and often transgressive folk magic known as svartkonst was forged.

The leatherette used in vol 1-3 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and due to this change in the availability of the material another, similarly suitable, leatherette has been chosen for this fourth book, with the aim of maintaining an aesthetic continuity.

Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover stamped with a Svartkonst rune, 276 pages.
Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work.

Publishing date 2.6.2020



Þursakyngi IV ‘Svartkonst’ is the first part of a two-part series regarding Swedish sorcery known as svartkonst (black art). This book offers a historical, mythological and folkloric insight in old Swedish folk magical traditions with explanations and a glossary, as well as twenty-four practical bindrunes.

Regular edition: Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover debossed with a Svartkonst rune, 276 pages. Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work.

The remaining books may have small scuff marks/scratches on the cover. Order only if such minor imperfection are of no concern to you. 60 eurosAdd Item

Svartkonst - Limited edition

Svartkonst - Limited edition

Limited to 150 copies, limited collector's edition with different cover design; Frontcover foiled with golden Svartkonst rune and blindstamped with Serpent design. The book comes with an additional unreleased ritual text printed on an additional card, and signed by the author. Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. SOLD OUT


Liber Falxifer 4 Good Friday Announcement

We are happy to receive and be able to share the following good tidings, on this Good Friday, concerning the next installment in the popular Liber Falxifer series by N.A-A.218.

The Liber Falxifer IV manuscript currently spans over 100000 words and is almost completed. The artwork still remains to be manifested in accordance with the visions of the author of the book and once all is ready we will plan for its publishing date, which will most likely fall on the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

Liber Falxifer IV has currently been assigned as its subtitle "The Book of the Apocalyptic Emissary of K-Ain", and according to its author this book will be the most important one he has ever penned and represents yet another crucial stage within the ongoing initiatory process that each book in the LF series have as purpose to outline, reflecting outwards in order to cause corresponding macrocosmic changes.

+++ + +++

"Liber Falxifer IV - The Book of the Apocalyptic Emissary of K-Ain, will as disclosed by its subtitle focus on the most lofty aspect of the Necrosophic Qayinite Current, being the Sitra Achran Godhead of the Nightside Venus and the fourth emanation from its Tetragrammaton that on this side of the Great Divide manifested primarily as and through Sancte Qayin and Sancta Q, but which also later continued to remanifest through their Enduring Bloodline, and have done so until this very day, and shall so continue until the End of Days.

The Apocalyptic Emissary of the Divine Name of K-Ain has been worked with on a constant basis since the beginning of the year 2018, in connection to the sealing of certain pacts and the opening of the corresponding gates, until this present date, during which the nightly workings with and channeling of the Revelatory Spirit in question still continue. The Liber Falxifer IV is as such a testimony and presentation of some of those attainments that have been achieved during this process, making so also possible for others sharing in our Spiritual Endeavor to likewise be able to receive similar insights and related empowerments.

The Emissary of K-Ain, that shall at this point still remain unnamed publicly, is also a representative and concrete manifestation of the 2182 aspect of the Current 218 and 182, disclosing so the reach of the work he pertains to, stretching from the Other Side into this world of Archonic Confinement, from which those in whose Holy Footsteps we follow have already transcended.

This should not be misunderstood as Liber Falxifer IV only being concerned with the Qliphoth, as by the 2182 codification of its Current the work balances the Necrosophic with the Ainsophic, and discloses as much about the esoteric aspects of our Qayinite Sorcery as it does about our Qliphothic Theurgy and explains for example also the very foundation of our Tradition's Operative Necromantic Magic as connected to the Current-Specific concept and application of the Obic Force, which for the first time ever will be disclosed in minute detail.

This is the most important and enlightening work that the scribe of the book up to this date has partaken in and become elevated through, and it is therefore with great joy that we offer the means for the attainment of similar empowerments to all of the students of our Qayinite Tradition and followers of our Currents 218/182/2182."

+++ + +++

This is all the information we at this point have available for public disclosure, but more details shall, as per usual, be shared in the forthcoming updates later this year, most likely during the months of July or August.

We hope this update is well received on this Good Friday and on behalf of the T.F.C. wish all adherents of the Current 218/182 a most blessed night.

Salve Sancte Qayin et Sancta Q!