The Book of Sitra Achra - The Second Coming/Azerate Pact Edition

As response to all those that more or less patiently have awaited The Book of Sitra Achra's Second Coming, we are now happy to announce the following:

Presale period will start on the 31-10-2018, the Sacred Night of Allhallows Eve, being the liminal and transitional point in time when the 10 is overtaken by the 11 and the veil between this and Other Side is as thinnest.

(3+1+1+2+1+8= 16 should also indicate the relevance of this specific night within our K-Ainsophic context, to those initiated into the mysteries, and disclose some of the more covert, but essential, aspects of this Work and its exact timing.)

This presale period will then continue for 11 nights, until the 11/11-2018, which is the Night of Azerate and the Official Publishing Date of The Book of Sitra Achra – Azerate Pact Edition, being the expanded, second and final edition of this Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side, containing 100 additional pages, 11+1 Pacts granting the much sought-after means for an authentic and authorised mode of Solitary Initiation into the 218 Current, in ways that have been described as "a counterpart of the Abramelin Process for Qliphothic Initiates striving towards Adepthood", unlocking so access to the concealed essences of the additional 56 Seals and Sealed Mysteries of the Invasionary Rays of the Black Light presented in the 13th chapter of this perfected aspect of the Inner Temple Version of the Book of Azerate.

Once again, there will never be a third edition of this book and as such those meant for it are invited to pay close attention, as the esoteric decrees concerning the modes for the outer physical manifestations of the Inner Work of the Temple of the Black Light and the 218 Current will never be breached.

The Second Coming shall thus spell the End, partake of it if you can Hear and Heed the Call, not by merely buying another book, but by the way of also putting that which is offered within the book to the test and so test your Self and see if you are of the Black Light, if your carry Its Flame and if you are for the Other God/s.

Very few are Called, and even fewer are Chosen. Know and Take your place accordingly!

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Presale link will be sent out and placed online on the night of 31-10-2018, thank you for your dedication and unceasing show of interest in this Work.

All Glory Solely to Azerate!