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Liber Falxifer 4 Good Friday update of 2021

"One year has now passed since our last update concerning the next and new instalment in the Liber Falxifer series of books and during this time the Work have proceeded unceasingly and so have the receiving of Spiritual transmissions, revelations and the actual "real world" results of our esoteric endeavours.

The written material reflecting our Inner Temple Praxis related to the topics of 'Liber Falxifer IV' have now expanded to over 200000 words, meaning that it is now double the amount which had been stated in our earlier update of the previous year. This makes the material that 'Liber Falxifer IV' will comprise of also circa double in amount in comparison to for example the large 'Liber Falxifer II The Book of Anamlaqayin', which thus makes it more or less practically impossible to publish in the format of a single book.

It is therefore likely that the previously planned Liber Falxifer IV will become divided into two separate books, each containing most likely around 350-400 pages.

As the Work is still ongoing and new revelations and 'presentable confirmations' for our Current-Specific Gnosis is being constantly received, there is no motivation from our part to force the unfolding process to a halt and as such there will be a delay in our previous publishing plans.

Liber Falxifer IV, and possibly Liber Falxifer V, which the current manuscript will form is hoped to reach a point of Ritual Conclusion by the 13/7 of this year and then be published during the year 2022, but as we are not motivated nor controlled by any worldly concerns or considerations when it comes to this Work, we will let Spirit assume the reins and guide us to how far we need to take the unfolding process before we can manifest the results outwards via public publishing.

It should also be noted that this year marks the 13th anniversary of our publishing of the first Liber Falxifer book and the bringing to the public and spreading of the Necrosophic-Gnostic Cult of Qayin and through it the Current 182, which now after the passing of 13 years of Initiatic Work fittingly have expanded to the 2182 (=13).

This passing of 13 years is a most fitting time for the accomplishment of our current undertakings related to the 'Revelations of the Emissary of K-Ain', whose essential number also happens to be 13, and is something that we plan to commemorate in different ways, details of which shall be announced at a later date.

While trying to avoid the exaggerations and the crazy sounding claims of the arrogant loudmouth charlatans and clowns of this world we can at this point simply state the following to our students (as our work concerns no others and is reserved for them exclusively) concerning that which will manifest as Liber Falxifer IV:

Expect much and know that everything that have come before in connection to our Current 218/182/2182 will pale in comparison to what we have now attained and in time shall transmit to those that make themselves receptive for it. Thus make yourselves receptive by 'Doing the Work', so that you have all that which is needed for the Crossing of the Paths of Nod, which then shall open up at the Liminal Centre towards New Heights and Abyssal Depths, both within and objectively manifested without.

Our Blessings, in the name of K-Ain, upon all of the Faithful on this Good Friday.

All Glory to the Ainic Redeemer of All, the Silencer of All Words and the End of All Worlds!

Temple 2182"

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Second printing of The Hekataeon

All Hekataeon pre-orders have been shipped out during 7th-13th of April. The books which were listed to the website, and sold out, at the publishing date have been posted to the customers on Monday 26th of April.


Concerning orders from the United Kingdom

Due to the new legislations in the UK that took effect 1.1.2021 Ixaxaar website is no longer able to ship orders valued less than 135 (excluding postage and other expences) to the UK customers. Because of this only the customers from the UK that want to order items meeting these new minimum value requirements can do so. In connection to consignment that possesses a value exceeding 135 the customer is responsible for the paying of all and any customs duties and import vat upon the items arrival to the UK. Customers from the UK are advised to send us an email before placing their orders, if they would be in need of further clarifications.


Svartkonst by Ekortu

Svartkonst by Ekortu, which was published on the 2nd of June have now fully sold out and is no longer available.

We would like to thank all of our supportive customers and hope that those this book was meant for will benefit from it and through it gain further insights into the otherwise hidden aspect of the living Swedish tradition of sorcery it represents.