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There has occured cancellations in the reservations of the pre-sales of handmade edition of Svartkonst,
available copies have been listed to the website.

The books will be crafted based on orders received during summer 2020.
All sales for handmade editions are final and unrefundable.
We do not accept installments or name reservations for reserving the book.

Leatherbound Svartkonst L E A T H E R B O U N D   S V A R T K O N S T  


Limited edition of 33 handmade copies

Full leatherbound, hardcover edition, with handmade endpapers and handmade binding. Frontcover, spine and backcover blindstamped with symbol and blindstamped spine text. All advance payments for the limited leatherbound editions are final and non-refundable. Reserving a copy in advance is possible only leaving advance payment. The book will be reserved for you upon receiving the payment. The books will be crafted ready during summer 2020.


A small consecrated bag that holds magical items and/or herbs for various purposes. Available only for buyers of the talismanic edition. The bag will be made of the same leather as used in the books, the author will make and consecrate each Trollpåse individually. (Can not be shipped to Australia or South-America.)

Some copies of the edition will come with trollpåse. We are currently finding out how many bags can be crafted. The trollpåsar (on their own) will be offered for sale at a later date once we have got confirmation to everything. If you are interested of the trollpåse, let us know.

See examples of the previous handmade volumes: 

Previous leatherbound volumes in Thursakyngi serie


Svartkonst pre-sales Update

As there has arrived around 200 emails within a few days, and most inquiries concern the same topicks and questions, we want to inform the customers concerning the pre-sales of Thursakyngi: Svartkonst written by Ekortu.

Standard edition of Svartkonst:
The pre-ordering for the standard edition will open later during the spring, most likely during March.
Exact date will be informed to customers via mailinglist.

Leatherbound handmade edition:
The pre-ordering for the leatherbound edition has ended.


The Ixaxaar bookmarks have now finally arrived from the printers.
Each set contains 3 different bookmarks, which come in the sizes Large and Medium,
of which the medium version is the one more fitting for most books published by Ixaxaar.
In each set there are 3 different variations of the design, printed in silver ink on black cardboard.

Reaper R E A P E R

45 eurosAdd Item

IXAXAAR´s bookmarks set, 3 Large bookmarks with silver tassels. The bookmarks are printed on black cardboard with silver printing. The set contains 3 different bookmarks. Large size, 5,5cm x 26,6 cm.

Reaper II R E A P E R   I I  

30 eurosAdd Item

IXAXAAR´s bookmarks set, 3 Medium size bookmarks (no tassel). The bookmarks are printed on black cardboard with silver printing. The set contains 3 different bookmarks. Medium size, 4,6cm x 22,3cm.