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Book with Hekate´s Ladder & Triptych - Devotional Set B O O K   W I T H   H E K A T E ´ S   L A D D E R   &   T R I P T Y C H   -   D E V O T I O N A L   S E T

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Special set containing both a book (regular edition) and a Hekate's Ladder: a beautiful rosary made of agate, bronze and snake vertebrae containing an ancient coin and antique key, specifically built and consecrated by the author to evoke Hekate by her twenty-seven epithets. Each coin and key is unique. This set also comes with a devotional triptych: three unpublished photos of the author’s own horse-skull icon, which embodies HEKATE HIPPOCHTHON, the three-headed, uncontainable Earth-Horse depicted in the regular edition’s cover art. Photo of rosary 350 eur

28 rosary sets available / Available February 2019

Leatherbound  Edition L E A T H E R B O U N D     E D I T I O N


Special edition bound to black leather with a wolf motif and moon on the cover foiled in silver. Silver coloured page edges and endpapers. Spine decorated with eight raised bands and a reddish toadskin label on the spine. This leatherbound edition comes with an extra, unpublished depiction of HEKATE ANGELOS inside the book, not released in the regular edition, printed on transparent satin paper.

Limited handbound edition.

Available March-April 2019

The Hekataeon T H E   H E K A T A E O N

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Regular edition: Hardbound book bound in grey cloth, 368 pages. 6 full-page illustrations, 28 sigils, and a dozen photographs of ritual tools and items. Available February 2019.

The first edition will be published in an edition of 878 copies of which 28 leatherbound.

Available February 2019.