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Ginnrunbok: The Book of Primeval Whispers

Ginnrunbok: The Book of Primeval Whispers
Ljóssál Lođursson

Ginnrúnbók or the "Book of Primeval Whispers" is a grimoire dedicated to the understanding and worship of the Giants of the Nordic tradition. This work focuses on the contact with the primal powers prior to the gods, whose influence arises from Ginnunga gap. The grimoire describes the relationship between the Runes and the Giants, as well as the scheme of Ţurs Seiđr or the Sorcery of the Giants in its nine manifestations. This new edition of Ginnrúnbók has been updated thoroughly after Ljóssál Lođursson's long search for answers in the northern lands.

: Table of Contents:
Chapter 0, On the Origin ... Chaosgony
Chapter 1, Ginnstígr ok Ginnvegir- The Path of the Void
Chapter 2, Ur, The Unmanifest Origin
Chapter 3, The Three Knowledges
Chapter 4, Sálarrót - The Soul’s Root
Chapter 5, The Three Wells of Wisdom
Chapter 6, Risablót, Sacrifice to the Giants
Chapter 7, Seta, Introspection and Meditation
Chapter 8, Ragnarökkr – The Darkness of the Powers
Chapter 9, Ginnhvelir, The Primordial Wheels
Chapter 10, Bölţorn, Óđinn's Runic Master
Chapter 11, Nóttrúnar – Ţursian Runosophy
Chapter 12, Hjartarúnar ok Lokaletur - The Heart Runes
Chapter 13, Details on the practice of the Art
Chapter 14, Ţursaseiđr - Sorcery of the Giants
Spá ok Sýn: Prophecy and Vision
Hamramr ok Trollaukinn: Shapeshifting
Helrúnar: Necromancy
Trollaţing: Evocation of the Trolls
Svefnasýnir ok Hamför: Oneiric Visions and Skin Travel
Samlag – Sexual Sorcery
Bölvan – Damnation, Curse and Baneful Magic
Landvćttir - Spirits of the Territory

Hardcover edition limited to 500 copies. Hardbound to red lizard leatherette with black lettering embossed in the cover and spine. The text is beautifully printed in red and black ink on cream-colored paper and comes accompanied by many illustrations and diagrams. 368 pages.

Last 2 copies in the stock. Condition: New, slight wearing off in the foiling. 70 eurosAdd Item

Samlag - The Path of Thursian Sexual Sorcery

Samlag - The Path of Thursian Sexual Sorcery
Ljóssál Lóđursson

Samlag or "Communion" addresses one of the most controversial and least explored themes within the forms of Scandinavian and Germanic magic, sexual magic. Samlag: The path of the Ţursian Sexual Sorcery explains the main basis of Seiđr or sorcery in relation to sacred sex and how through the myths of the giants (Angrbođa and Loki) this occult knowledge was exemplified. Ljóssál Lóđursson lists in this manuscript references in ten different Nordic literary sources, including the Poetic Edda, the Prosaic Edda and the Icelandic sagas through which the methods and ritual structures for summoning spirits through magical intercourse, methods to be performed in pairs or alone, are found in a hidden way, the witchcraft mysteries behind cardiophagy and hematophagy, the Kaldhjarta or the Cold Heart of Gullveig, the true unveiled form of the Hrungnishjarta or the Heart of Hrungnir, as well as the breaking of the shackles by the gods to free the forces behind Ragnarökkr and thus produce the development of personal power and consciousness. Hard cover with a dustjacket, 108 pages. Limited edition of 200 copies. 70 eurosAdd Item



Ţursakyngi IV ‘Svartkonst’ is the first part of a two-part series regarding Swedish sorcery known as svartkonst (black art). This book offers a historical, mythological and folkloric insight in old Swedish folk magical traditions with explanations and a glossary, as well as twenty-four practical bindrunes. Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover debossed with a Svartkonst rune, 276 pages. Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work. Secondhand, very good condition. 120 eurosAdd Item



A set of dried flowers and wood to be burnt as incense in votive offerings. To the set contains herbs most commonly used for Goddess workings, many of the selected herbs are common as offerings for Hekate, but also few others are included. The set contains:
1.) Myrtle
2.) Mugwort
3.) Oak
4.) Walnut
5.) Lily
6.) Rose
7.) Pomegranate
8.) Poppy
9.) Lilac
10.) Mullein
11.) Dittany of Crete
12.) Sandalwood

Each bag is approx size 7cm x 7cm. Shipping to EU and USA only. 60 eurosAdd Item

IXAXAAR Small bookmarks

IXAXAAR Small bookmarks

IXAXAAR´s bookmarks set, 3 Medium size bookmarks (no tassel). The bookmarks are printed on black cardboard with silver printing. The set contains 3 different bookmarks. Medium size, 4,6cm x 22,3cm (medium version is the one more fitting for most books published by Ixaxaar). 22 eurosAdd Item

IXAXAAR Large bookmarks

IXAXAAR Large bookmarks

IXAXAAR´s bookmarks set, 3 Large bookmarks with silver tassels. The bookmarks are printed on black cardboard with silver printing. The set contains 3 different bookmarks. Large size, 5,5cm x 26,6 cm. 30 eurosAdd Item