Ixaxaar would at this time officially announce that Manuscript Submissions are again being accepted for review, as we now have the time and means to try to aid in the publishing of other new writings that can harmonise with the general, now established, direction of our publishing house, which besides being focused upon the Necrosophic-Qayinite and Qliphothic Tradition, as manifested through our most successful and popular publications, also seek to give way to aligned approaches towards the cultivation of Spirit.

Such approaches can for example take form as and range from Traditional Witchcraft, Folk-Sorcery, Ceremonial Magic, Goetia, Alchemy and Vamachara Tantra to Gnosticism in all its antinomian forms.

Of main interest is 'practical occultism', presented by actual practitioners, this in order to offer true hidden knowledge attained through hard work, study and productive practice, thus the manuscripts submitted should not be works of 'occult fiction', or artful forms without any substance. The work submitted to us should also be original in both form and essence and not be the repetition of other's published material, ensuring us that the author possesses both its material and spiritual rights, to have it published and to teach it to others that could seek such guidance or inspiration.

The submitted material must be written in English and in PDF file format. The file should also include clear examples of any symbols or other illustrations that it is to contain and the submitted material must be accompanied by the full legal name of its author and his/her current residential address, as even if work can be published under pseudonyms we do not accept any anonymous submissions and must be able to contact and reach the authors for both contractual proceedings and other such business related practicalities.

We reserve the right to decline the publishing of all submissions that we do not feel suits our publishing house and will after 3 weeks from having received the submission give a primary answer disclosing if we find the material interesting for publishing or not. To contact us:

Recruitment of Graphic Designer

As we are expanding our work here at Ixaxaar we are now looking for a talented graphic designer to employ for our forthcoming releases planned for 2018-2019. We are seeking a person with previous working experience in the field of book/magazine layouts, possessing the needed skills pertaining those areas of the publishing work. Interested parties may contact us at: