2nd of April, 2021

Liber Falxifer 4 Good Friday update of 2021

"One year has now passed since our last update concerning the next and new instalment in the Liber Falxifer series of books and during this time the Work have proceeded unceasingly and so have the receiving of Spiritual transmissions, revelations and the actual "real world" results of our esoteric endeavours.

The written material reflecting our Inner Temple Praxis related to the topics of 'Liber Falxifer IV' have now expanded to over 200000 words, meaning that it is now double the amount which had been stated in our earlier update of the previous year. This makes the material that 'Liber Falxifer IV' will comprise of also circa double in amount in comparison to for example the large 'Liber Falxifer II – The Book of Anamlaqayin', which thus makes it more or less practically impossible to publish in the format of a single book.

It is therefore likely that the previously planned Liber Falxifer IV will become divided into two separate books, each containing most likely around 350-400 pages.

As the Work is still ongoing and new revelations and 'presentable confirmations' for our Current-Specific Gnosis is being constantly received, there is no motivation from our part to force the unfolding process to a halt and as such there will be a delay in our previous publishing plans.

Liber Falxifer IV, and possibly Liber Falxifer V, which the current manuscript will form is hoped to reach a point of Ritual Conclusion by the 13/7 of this year and then be published during the year 2022, but as we are not motivated nor controlled by any worldly concerns or considerations when it comes to this Work, we will let Spirit assume the reins and guide us to how far we need to take the unfolding process before we can manifest the results outwards via public publishing.

It should also be noted that this year marks the 13th anniversary of our publishing of the first Liber Falxifer book and the bringing to the public and spreading of the Necrosophic-Gnostic Cult of Qayin and through it the Current 182, which now after the passing of 13 years of Initiatic Work fittingly have expanded to the 2182 (=13).

This passing of 13 years is a most fitting time for the accomplishment of our current undertakings related to the 'Revelations of the Emissary of K-Ain', whose essential number also happens to be 13, and is something that we plan to commemorate in different ways, details of which shall be announced at a later date.

While trying to avoid the exaggerations and the crazy sounding claims of the arrogant loudmouth charlatans and clowns of this world we can at this point simply state the following to our students (as our work concerns no others and is reserved for them exclusively) concerning that which will manifest as Liber Falxifer IV:

Expect much and know that everything that have come before in connection to our Current 218/182/2182 will pale in comparison to what we have now attained and in time shall transmit to those that make themselves receptive for it. Thus make yourselves receptive by 'Doing the Work', so that you have all that which is needed for the Crossing of the Paths of Nod, which then shall open up at the Liminal Centre towards New Heights and Abyssal Depths, both within and objectively manifested without.

Our Blessings, in the name of K-Ain, upon all of the Faithful on this Good Friday.

All Glory to the Ainic Redeemer of All, the Silencer of All Words and the End of All Worlds!

Temple 2182"

+ + + + + + +

10th of April, 2020

Liber Falxifer 4 Good Friday Announcement

We are happy to receive and be able to share the following good tidings, on this Good Friday, concerning the next installment in the popular Liber Falxifer series by N.A-A.218.

The Liber Falxifer IV manuscript currently spans over 100000 words and is almost completed. The artwork still remains to be manifested in accordance with the visions of the author of the book and once all is ready we will plan for its publishing date, which will most likely fall on the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

Liber Falxifer IV has currently been assigned as its subtitle "The Book of the Apocalyptic Emissary of K-Ain", and according to its author this book will be the most important one he has ever penned and represents yet another crucial stage within the ongoing initiatory process that each book in the LF series have as purpose to outline, reflecting outwards in order to cause corresponding macrocosmic changes.

+++ + +++

"Liber Falxifer IV - The Book of the Apocalyptic Emissary of K-Ain, will as disclosed by its subtitle focus on the most lofty aspect of the Necrosophic Qayinite Current, being the Sitra Achran Godhead of the Nightside Venus and the fourth emanation from its Tetragrammaton that on this side of the Great Divide manifested primarily as and through Sancte Qayin and Sancta Q, but which also later continued to remanifest through their Enduring Bloodline, and have done so until this very day, and shall so continue until the End of Days.

The Apocalyptic Emissary of the Divine Name of K-Ain has been worked with on a constant basis since the beginning of the year 2018, in connection to the sealing of certain pacts and the opening of the corresponding gates, until this present date, during which the nightly workings with and channeling of the Revelatory Spirit in question still continue. The Liber Falxifer IV is as such a testimony and presentation of some of those attainments that have been achieved during this process, making so also possible for others sharing in our Spiritual Endeavor to likewise be able to receive similar insights and related empowerments.

The Emissary of K-Ain, that shall at this point still remain unnamed publicly, is also a representative and concrete manifestation of the 2182 aspect of the Current 218 and 182, disclosing so the reach of the work he pertains to, stretching from the Other Side into this world of Archonic Confinement, from which those in whose Holy Footsteps we follow have already transcended.

This should not be misunderstood as Liber Falxifer IV only being concerned with the Qliphoth, as by the 2182 codification of its Current the work balances the Necrosophic with the Ainsophic, and discloses as much about the esoteric aspects of our Qayinite Sorcery as it does about our Qliphothic Theurgy and explains for example also the very foundation of our Tradition's Operative Necromantic Magic as connected to the Current-Specific concept and application of the Obic Force, which for the first time ever will be disclosed in minute detail.

This is the most important and enlightening work that the scribe of the book up to this date has partaken in and become elevated through, and it is therefore with great joy that we offer the means for the attainment of similar empowerments to all of the students of our Qayinite Tradition and followers of our Currents 218/182/2182."

+++ + +++

This is all the information we at this point have available for public disclosure, but more details shall, as per usual, be shared in the forthcoming updates later this year, most likely during the months of July or August.

We hope this update is well received on this Good Friday and on behalf of the T.F.C. wish all adherents of the Current 218/182 a most blessed night.

Salve Sancte Qayin et Sancta Q!

31th of August, 2017


Ixaxaar would at this time officially announce that Manuscript Submissions are again being accepted for review, as we now have the time and means to try to aid in the publishing of other new writings that can harmonise with the general, now established, direction of our publishing house, which besides being focused upon the Necrosophic-Qayinite and Qliphothic Tradition, as manifested through our most successful and popular publications, also seek to give way to aligned approaches towards the cultivation of Spirit.

Such approaches can for example take form as and range from Traditional Witchcraft, Folk-Sorcery, Ceremonial Magic, Goetia, Alchemy and Vamachara Tantra to Gnosticism in all its antinomian forms.

Of main interest is 'practical occultism', presented by actual practitioners, this in order to offer true hidden knowledge attained through hard work, study and productive practice, thus the manuscripts submitted should not be works of 'occult fiction', or artful forms without any substance. The work submitted to us should also be original in both form and essence and not be the repetition of other's published material, ensuring us that the author possesses both its material and spiritual rights, to have it published and to teach it to others that could seek such guidance or inspiration.

The submitted material must be written in English and in PDF file format. The file should also include clear examples of any symbols or other illustrations that it is to contain and the submitted material must be accompanied by the full legal name of its author and his/her current residential address, as even if work can be published under pseudonyms we do not accept any anonymous submissions and must be able to contact and reach the authors for both contractual proceedings and other such business related practicalities.

We reserve the right to decline the publishing of all submissions that we do not feel suits our publishing house and will after 3 weeks from having received the submission give a primary answer disclosing if we find the material interesting for publishing or not. To contact us: mail@ixaxaar.com

Recruitment of Graphic Designer

As we are expanding our work here at Ixaxaar we are now looking for a talented graphic designer to employ for our forthcoming releases planned for 2018-2019. We are seeking a person with previous working experience in the field of book/magazine layouts, possessing the needed skills pertaining those areas of the publishing work. Interested parties may contact us at: mail@ixaxaar.com