Good Friday ‘Liber Falxifer III’ Interview with N.A-A.218

Good Friday 25th of March, 2016

1. Since the last interview you gave in 2011 at the time of the release of Liber Falxifer II, two further works of yours have been published in the form of The Book of Sitra Achra and of course the recently released Liber Falxifer III. While it might be too early to state anything about the latter yet, are you satisfied with how Liber Falxifer II and The Book of Sitra Achra have been received by the people interested in the 182/218 Current/s?

+++ Yes, I am very pleased with the reception of the work by those it was meant for and thanks to the public teachings presented through these books we have come into contact with many new students, some of which now have become Initiates working towards their own adepthood within the Tradition. As the goal always and only was to make the teachings available in a certain way and form, to achieve a set number of goals related to the expansion of the earthed aspects of the Currents we work with and within, this flourishing of new initiates is a great success and justifies all the practical complications (which are many) that goes hand in hand with presenting publicly something that essentially is to be kept secret, in a way that protects the esoteric core, while still offering a path that grants to certain kinds of people the possibility to attain specific Initiatic Revelation and Empowerments.

All in all we are happy with both the direct and indirect effects that the books have had, but more and most importantly is the fact that the Governing Spirits that oversee our Work are pleased, as if they would not have been no further writings would be made public and the external unfolding of Their Path would have been terminated long before we had reached this current stage that we now have arrived to.

Books are not important in the end and what truly matters is that Initiatic Work is carried out, by as many suitable persons as possible, in order to expand the Current and the influences of the Spirits we work with in certain specific ways and contexts. When and if this can be accomplished in any other way than the one we now have had great success in I am sure that the method will also change accordingly, but until that time these and future books will continue to offer to our students the personal guidance needed, in the impersonal way that we have to give them out within these settings, where we deal with seekers standing outside the Inner Sanctum of our own Temple.

By all those that matter to us the books have been received very well, and I am personally both impressed and inspired by the dedication of all students that put into actual and correct practise the teachings.

2. The books you have got published so far have all been consecrated, a process involving sanctified ink for the numbering of each book. For the deluxe version of the first Liber Falxifer book, there was an extra ritual text included giving instructions on how to awaken and cultivate a "Hidden Famulus of the Book of Falxifer". Have the other books also been consecrated for similar purposes (i.e. allowing the student to cultivate the actual books to awaken specific spirits connected to them) and/or are there other reasons for the consecrations of the books?

+++ All books have been marked with Ensouled Ink linked to the Spirits governing the Work that the books represent. This is done according to the traditional ways that within talismanic and fetishistic contexts allows the Propagation of Seated Spirit Essence, via for example the different ensouling and enspiriting tinctures that we create. This approach makes possible the spiritual imbuing of the physical books, connecting them concretely to the different aspects of the Spirit that the work is dedicated and belongs to, or to the legions which serve that Spirit. This approach allows transference of Spirit Enlinkment for example through the marking of each book with the consecrated inks that we employ and allows a certain level of direct contact between the Spirit and the one that would hold such a book.

When it comes to the LF1, the first book of Falxifer, there was a specific pact in place related to an aspect of the Current that it was meant to point to and partially manifest and in such context that fraction of Spirit from the Side of Qayin assumed the role of Guide, Teacher, Defender and Punisher, coming forth as the Famulus of the Book, to assist and bless the ones that would approach it correctly and in other ways handle the unfit and the would-be profaners of the spirits involved.

It was as such a very specific ritual provided with the book in order to allow those that could grasp the practical potential of that which they had received, beyond the mere physical aspect of the book itself. This was also part of the Initial Initiatic Point of Revealing where a certain kind of Defensive Station was needed to be established in connection to the making public aspects of the Esoteric Work hidden within the bulk of the material that had as purpose to present certain core-concepts to the non-initiates.

When it comes to all the other books they are also enlinked to Spirit/s, as stated in the information provided about and within each of them, as the inks employed all possess essences that in other contexts are used for the consecration of the main talismans and fetishes of the tradition, and thus even if an explicit ritual and pact is not provided, like with the first book, they all come with an implicit pact that each owner of the book will by the way of their conscious acquirement of the books enter into and are bound, empowered, blessed and cursed by.

In our case the concept of “talismanic books” does therefore not equal “fancy books” meant for showing off, and implies instead that they are consecrated as actual talismans in accordance with our tradition and thus need to be handled as such.

Each book has its Governing Spirit and its famulus. In the case of the LF books the Governing Spirit is that of Qayin, while for example when it comes to The Book of Sitra Achra the books were, in different ways, enlinked to Azerate.

It is thus possible to awaken each book ritually to grant the owner the protection and blessing of its Governing Spirit and the practical aid of its attending famulus, this because the ensouling tinctures employed have enlinkments to both the Main Spirit/deity and its Warding and Attending Legions.

This approach serves splendidly the cause of Solitary Initiation, throughout which one has Spirits of both living, dead and unborn teachers by one’s side and as one’s protectors and guides, even if one physically traverse the Path of Nod in solitude.

Until one reach the stage that allows knowledge about how to awaken one’s self to the presence of such seated or enlinked Spirits one have to intuitively communicate with and approach them and ask for their guidance.

3. To be able to work practically with the material presented in both the second and third book of Falxifer, it is demanded that the student already practice within the current and must thus have established a Qayinite altar according to the instructions given in the first book, which is sold out since long and very expensive in the second hand market. As some people might discover the tradition today through the second or third book, what would such persons be recommended to do if he or she hears the call, identifies with what is presented in the material available and wants to start working according to tradition? As a related topic I would also like to ask if there are any plans for a third edition of LF1 and a second edition of LF2?

+++ To start with we need to address the issue concerning why the books are printed in a limited number, as I have understood that it seems to exist many misunderstanding concerning this issue. The actual and only reasons for why books are printed in relative small editions is that there is an equally limited amount of interest when it comes to the actual purchasing of this kind of material, and the amount of books printed must for the publisher be the amount that they know they can sell, as otherwise the expenses for printing high quality books cannot be recouped and would in the end of course lead to financial loss for the publisher, in our case being Ixaxaar, which is an underground publishing house.

This means that books are never printed in small numbers just because of some “mystical reason” or for the sake of maintaining exclusivity, but for the practical reason that the publisher must be able to sell what is printed, instead of just hoarding books which are costly to print, import and then storage, just in case someone becomes interested in them 6 years after the initial publishing date.

In our own case and as related to my books if we would see that 10000 would be interested in the work we would print the books in that amount, but as it is now the limit that works for the publisher to handle, based on the pre-orders showing the actual amount of people interested in buying these books, have not expanded beyond 1300 books per one single edition, which is the amount that the Liber Falxifer III for example now have been printed in.

With all this having been said we all know that there are always people, mostly those with no actual interest in the Work, that almost per automatic create and spread pdf versions of all occult books being published nowadays, and if there are actual students lacking any of the sold out books we recommend that they rather download and employ one of the pdf versions, instead of turning to the second hand market, where people with only financial interests have gathered copies of our work for the mere purpose of reselling, that is unless one can afford some of the less ridiculous prices that sometimes are asked for within such settings.

Thus if any of my own books are sold-out all students can with my blessings download a copy of the out of print book, and as “payment” buy a suitable sacrificial offering to give to Saint Qayin and His Legions, for the same sum of money as the *original price* asked for by the publisher of the sold out book.

This way you still pay and sacrifice to the Spirits, instead of just disrespectfully taking, in order to get something that you appreciate in return. Those that cannot even afford to give offerings of the value of for example 52EUR can just give whatever they can afford to the Master and by the purity of their hearts and their good intentions I am sure that the blessings of the Work still befall them.

It is all about one’s stance and approach; whether you come as a disrespectful thief or as a humble pilgrim you will be responded to accordingly and judged justly by the Spirits of the Work, as it is not my place or in my interest to judge the sincerity of strangers.

When it comes to reprints of Liber Falxifer 1 and Liber Falxifer 2 there seems to be enough interest from those that do not have the mentioned books currently to warrant such considerations, and I am open to the idea, as our goal is, as mentioned earlier, never to maintain some irrelevant form of exclusivity as related to the amount of books published and as long as there is interest in the Work I personally am happy to see it spread, as the constant fact is that very few of those discovering this Work of ours will be meant for it and thus the more people we can reach the better are the chances that we can find those that we actually seek.

Matter not if it be via PDFs or printed books, but for those that seek the actual high quality and talismanic aspects of the physical books, which most students seem to value, we will try to provide a final reprint of LF1 and a second edition of LF2, if we can make the necessary assessments together with the publisher.

I could very well imagine that editions of one or both those books, for example 700 copies of each, can become a reality by the end of this year or/and the beginning of next year, but nothing is decided at this time.

There have also been talk about a second edition of The Book of Sitra Achra, and as I am bothered by some small typos and printing mistakes in that book, which should be amended, I am as well interested in seeing a reprint of it, as there seem to be a great interest concerning that grimoire from those that contact our publisher.

4. The first major esoteric working presented in the first Liber Falxifer book is the ablution ritual for Qayin's altar statue. As that ritual demands access to certain elements that could be very hard to obtain, must it in every case be the first step taken by everyone who wants to walk the path of Qayin, or are there other ways for neophytes to start initially?

+++ Before having the central altar fetish consecrated one will lack the anchoring physical point of focus and have to work more astrally and mentally, which of course will be a less focused and secure approach, but the only approach available at such initial point. If one would possess the actual inner Enlinkments to Qayin, contact and communion will be anyway possible at this initial stage of one’s introduction to the Path and its Spirit/s.

In the practical sense one can at this point reach out to Master Qayin by the way of prayers, contemplations, meditations and invocations, and one can for the point of focus needed employ the Insignia provided in the book, which serve splendidly the cause of astral and mental enlinking of one’s own self to the Essence of Qayin one seek to establish contact with. At such initial stage the level of activation of the seals will obviously not reach the highest possible, but by the way of the “base and place” approach and the giving of offerings on for example the first insignia and the doing of simpler sorceries upon the second insignia one can in time get deeper and deeper into the aspects of the Current 182 that can be entered into without the primary Pact that the Ablution Ritual of the consecration of the First Central Altar fetish implicates.

Another approach, which is not without its own risks and complications, especially if the neophyte lacks general schooling in Spirit Work, is to conduct workings outdoors and upon places of power related to the Master, when one still lack an altar established and seated at home. This way outdoor shrines can be created as more physical and maintained/constant focal points from both sides of the veil.

The ambition of all students should be generally to conduct the ablution not much later than 13 months from the time that they dedicate themselves to the Path of Qayin.

The more practical hinders that you have in front of you the more intense should your will and drive to overcome them be and if you are meant for the Path the Master and the Good Famuli will in the end help you with what you otherwise would lack, but they help only those that help themselves.

Within instances where you consider to for example buy fetishes or talismans from someone else that claims any kind of initiation into this Current you must make sure to trust the person and respect him/her fully, as by receiving the primary enlinkment, that you anyways must sacrifice for in many different ways, from that person you accept him/her as your elder and mentor, as what you then receive and have come directly from that person and the individual assumes more or less the role of initiator, thus you should choose wisely who you trust and never let laziness or any kind of weakness stand in the way of the Work that you, when ready, could/should have done yourself.

There are no shortcuts in our Tradition, and everything will be balanced out and nothing can be escaped or skipped, but as necessity dictates there will be different approaches to choose from.

Choose wisely and commit fully, for as you sow so shall you also reap.

5. Following that, I have heard from some people that they had difficulties to find certain herbs, like those that are to be used in the ablution ritual for consecration of the Qayin's altar statue or to needed for the making of the ensouling tincture of Qayin, is there possible to exchange those herbs for other ones?

+++ In the initial stage it is not wise at all to replace any of the indicated elements, as what each of the rituals you mention constitute are actual Pacts that we already have established and entered into in order to establish the cornerstones of the aspects of the Tradition that outsiders can employ in order to enter the Current 182, meaning that by the specific steps and elements/ingredients needed for the ritual a specific Point of Sympathy becomes created, through which the Souls and Spirits of the Path of Nod have agreed to enlink and manifest themselves.

Each ritual consist of many steps and elements, but what they each in totality create is One Specific Point, that by its exact nature allows entrance only to those that they are meant to receive and grant ensoulment and enspiritment by and through.

Thus to change the rituals in the wrong way leads to something else besides the intended Spiritual Contact and the consequences can become the confused, debased and tormented existence that we have had the displeasure to see many of the unfit fall into, when the Dark Dead become the only party responding to their incorrect rituals and half-hearted callings.

Within other kinds of workings, of less importance and more related to general sorceries, it is much more possible to replace certain elements and still achieve similar goals, as in such settings it is not as much about following Established Treaties connected to the Highest Spiritual Forces, and instead more about creating influx of needed powers focused and directed to influence one’s surroundings in certain desired manners. In such mere sorcerous contexts one can, in accordance to one’s knowledge and need, replace one element that one cannot access with another that for the sake of the work at hand possesses similar virtues, most often without any problems.

But these are different contexts than what you specifically asked for and hopefully the reason for the required adherence to the teachings in those most crucial settings should now be more clear, as it is simply the question of Pact Based Work that are meant to draw to itself the Spirits through whom our Temple have the Founding Covenants of our Tradition established.

Tradition-Specific approach leads to Current-Specific Spirit Contact. All else leads to anything else but the desired outcomes within these settings.

6. Moving on to the new book Liber Falxifer III, its subtitle is "The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod". "The Stations of the Cross" is a concept used within Christian praxis to contemplate on different aspects of the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, starting with him being condemned to death and ending with him being laid in the tomb at the last 'station' (or with his resurrection being added as a last step/station in some cases). This tradition is linked to the Good Friday which is also a Holy Day within the Qayinite Cult. Jesus Christ is considered a messiah, he raised Lazarus from the dead, he was punished/condemned and made to wear a crown of thorns and he was according to some willingly crucified to make the salvation of others possible, etc. All this bear resemblance to how Qayin is presented in the Liber Falxifer books. What are the reasons behind those similarities between Qayin and Jesus Christ and also the fact that Good Friday is celebrated as one of the main ritual dates within the Current 182?

+++ The highlighting of certain kind of symbolism is hardly covert or unintentional in the manner that it is used in order to conceal and reveal the mysteries of the manifested aspects of the Current 182.

The Employments of the Saintly Masks and the Master’s Donning of the Flayed Skins of Martyrs is part of the most fundamental aspects of the Esoteric Work as pertaining to the Envisioning and Embodying of the Spirit, carried out in its most focused aspect within and through the Fifth Station of the Pesha/Exlex Line, while having executing points scattered throughout many of the other Stations of not only that Line but also all of the others ones.

The application of ”familiar symbolism” in such manner is thus something that on one hand must come naturally and on the other hand be strategical and intentional when it comes to the exact details of the utilisation, but is always based on something other than all irrelevant and immature attempts at any kinds of “blasphemy” for its own sake.

When and if there are parallel mysteries that can be made to overlap, with the one being championed overtaking the points of the other, in a certain specific manner that can bring down the Spirit into the Telestic Form made suitable for its dwelling as either Vehicle/Avatar or Throne, it is a work of Enspiritment and Exaltation via Usurpation.

But such process will always fail if forced in the incorrect manner, leading to backlashes through which the would-be supplanter himself becomes overtaken and made to suffer confusion and defeat.

In the specific cases you ask about it is all part of the overt foregrounding of certain attributes and Points of Power which are claimed by Master Qayin, in His current and Current-Specific manifestations, as they have fallen under His dominion “naturally”, by the mere fact that they based on the correct stance and perspective assumed can establish that He in accordance to the Biblical and related Apocryphal Lore upon which Qayinite Mythos and Codifications of Gnosis are based in actuality is the original owner of such Points, predating for example Jesus Christ and concepts related to him when it comes to Qayin’s entitlement and “Claim Rights” to such ‘forms’.

Among these points that by such overlapping are overtaken by Qayin are indeed the forms/words/names/concepts of Akeldama (belonging first to Qayin as His Reddened Field/Acre watered with the blood of Abel), Gulgaltha (belonging first to Qayin as the first Place of the Skull/Cemetery established by the clandestine burial of Abel’s corpse), the Cross (the descent into and crucifixion upon and through the world of the divided elements, but also the establishing of the Black Crosses and Fiery Crossroads as related to the mysteries of Crucifer and Baal Tzometh ha-Esh and other related Stations of liminal nature within the totality of Nod), the Crown of Thorns (as related to His punishment on one hand and His Coronation on the other as related to Qayinite Lore of relevance), the role and title of Messiahs (NChSh and MShICh having both the gematric value of 358=16, which in turn correspond with the value of the name of Qayin, which is 160=16, showing again that Qayin as the Serpent-Engendered One is the First Messiah from the Side of Holy Nachash and an avatar of the Other God, seeking the Return of All back into Ain, as the gematric number of Ain is 61 (while its essential number is the absolute Zero/0), which is the reversed form of the number of Qayin, Nachash and Mashach/Mashiach, validating further our Tradition-Specific perspective of Qayin in His nadir as the Sator Arepo and in His zenith as K-Ain, who by the Work Reversed/Work of Reversal brings all back to Nought; 16 → 61, or more esoterically 160 → 061, as the 0 before the 61 shows the actual nihility of Ain before and beyond its gematric utterance, disclosing so 160 as the perfect formula of the avatar of the Thoughtless Black Light seeking to return both the creation and the anti-creation back into the Fullness of Emptiness).

Once certain overlapping and overtaking points become established it becomes natural that other ones also fall into place and follow suit, with the merits of one befalling the Overtaking Other, based on intention and exact application/manipulation of symbols and their powers.

When it comes to the concept of the Stations of the Cross it is again something overtaken in accordance with the inner esoteric workings in harmony with the general and outlined approach, as the number 13 (being 2+11, or 7x7=49) is an essential Qayinite one within the Current 2182 (an esoteric unification of 218 and 182, revealing in its simplicity much to those with the Eye to see), related to many fundamental concepts and mysteries, outlining here the aspects of the Master as related to the steps/points/Stations of each Line of Nod unfolding towards its fruition.

It becomes thus again a suitable case of overlapping and overtaking of Points of Influence when we can link our concepts with the more relevant ones of both the Old and New Testament, placing the Master as their First Rightful Possessor, and here again aid Him in the Donning of the Flayed Skins of Martyrs and the taking and assuming of the Halos/Heads/Masks of Saints, in order to create a Dual Influx of Power (one of the many meanings behind the Double-Headed/Mirroring Dragon Serpent Thaumithan emblem of our Temple of the Black Light), enacting so the Great Work of Unfated Addition of Spirit from Our (Thoughtless) Side of Divinity into this side of the Tehiru, for the Cause of Breaking Vessels and Freeing Flames.

These are approaches which are, when introduced to, either grasped intuitively and with ease, or just misunderstood and perceived as confusing.

To understand some of the Stations in for example the Pesha Line will clarify some of these matters, but a certain fundamental empathetic and instinctual insight into these kinds of approaches are needed in order to fully realise and harmonise with this kind of re-manifesting and propagation of essence through similar or reflective/reflecting forms.

As related to this topic any elementary explanation, like what we can offer here, will remain as nothing but a mere simplistic hint, and a certain level of Wordless Gnosis is needed in order for the actual participation in and appreciation of these approaches to become possible.

It is sufficient to conclude this explanation by stating as fact that the Path is never limited to some mechanical mimicry without a firm foundation through which the Overtaking can be undertaken, but instead expanded by the cunning spreading of the invasive “Branches of Sin”, from which grows not the “Fruits of Misery”, as the old poem would have it, but instead the Fruits of Knowledge and Freedom, sowed and reaped by and as Qayin.

All this explains also the importance that we give to Good Friday in our Qayinite Tradition, as that date in the calendar represent ‘the Greater Point of Connecting and Overtaking’ to all the above mentioned and much more, and is the yearly night reserved for the empowering via blood sacrifice the enlinkments to the Spirit related and manifested through all these concepts, placing exoterically focus on the upheld lore telling us that the First Murder was committed on a Friday, which we celebrate in lesser form on each Friday the 13th and in greater form during the Good Friday (also a date holding symbolic linkage to the mysteries of the number 13). All this in a manner that crosses all the relevant folkloric and folk-magical points of interest, imbuing them for us with the relevant Qayinite Essence channelled so to flow into them, in order to cause Unfated Addition of Azoth/Spirit leading to the opening of new, and maintaining of old, Invasive Points of Manifestation and Influence.

From the Qayinite perspective it is not the Saviour that is sacrificed on this date, but it is instead the Redeemer that does the sacrificing, focusing here on the lore telling us about the first overcoming of the Adamite Clay by the transcendental and transgressive deeds of Qayin’s (and His Sister’s) slaying of Abel (and his female counterpart), considered within our codification of these mysteries to have taken place during a Night of Venus.

Thus here the Son of (The Other) God sacrificed, instead of being sacrificed, and as such we uphold and commemorate such salvific deed by during this symbolic date observe the ‘sacrificial obligations’, refreshing the altars and fetishes with animal blood, mirroring so the first Sacrifice by externalisation of the Ego, which then is slain for the sake of Separation from one side and Unification with the Other.

The Good Friday is within the Current 182 directly related to the establishing of the First Akeldama by the deeds of Baal-Pesha, leading to the sowing and establishing of the First Gulgaltha and the opening of the Fiery Black Cross-Roads towards Sitra Achra, by the blood allowed to flow towards and nourish the entangling roots of Nahemoth.

There are also Points of Overlapping and Overtaking when it comes to the Resurrection After Three Nights, following the Good Friday, which for us falls correctly on a Monday Night, and the one resurrected is here of course not Jesus but instead the one that became brought back as Qayin’s (Three-Headed) Herder of Souls, the Grave Hound Abel. Here the significance of the number three, the three steps and the three knocks comes into forefront and explains another Conquest through the Fifth Station of the Pesha Line related to the symbol of the Three-Stepped Cross of Calvary, perfectly interlinking with and embodying the most relevant Qayinite Mysteries of First Gulgaltha.

These are just a few examples related to why and how Good Friday has become a most important night of celebration within the Qayinite Cult, a date during which all Four Lines of Nod intersect and a magical time holding a great potential for all workings of relevance for those within our Current.

7. Because of the reasons given in the first chapter of Liber Falxifer III there is required time period of at least 4x13 months during which one must have cultivated a fully seated altar, this for the undergoing of the primary aspects of the Initiation process, in order to at all have the ‘spiritual license’ to work with the Cross-Seals presented in Liber Falxifer III. What can the devotee that has spent less than this stated amount of time within the Qayinite cult gain from that which is made public through Liber Falxifer III? Can that which is disclosed in Liber Falxifer III for example aid such person’s already ongoing work and cultivation based on LF1 and LF2, or must one refrain from approaching this third book at all until one have cultivated a fully seated altar for the mentioned span of time?

+++ Yes, according to the ruling treaties manifesting and upholding the outlined Work of Liber Falxifer III one must have cultivated the inner and outer enlinkments to Qayin for at least the mentioned span of time before one can have the empowerments, knowledge and Gnosis needed for the activation and working of the Cross-Seals themselves, but that is one aspect of the book.

Before the proper praxis can commence the theory must always first have been understood and internalised, and in this case what the book is in essence is a whole grimoire dedicated solely to Qayin (and related Spirit/s) and outlines as fully as it was possible the virtues and aspects of Qayin as manifested through the Current 182. This means that on a fundamental level this book offers a very complete understanding of whom/what this Qayin of our Tradition is and why we would want to follow in His footsteps.

As such the knowledge contained within this Third Book of Falxifer should elevate the cultivation of even those that still will work with the LF1 and LF2 material, as all generalisation is in this book replaced by concretisation and focused presentation of the most relevant aspects of the Work that already in parts had been disclosed in the earlier public teachings.

Before one can establish contact with a Spirit one must know and understand enough about it in order to at all be able to create the emotional, astral and mental enlinkments and focus necessary for reaching the intended party, instead of the myriad of other souls and spirits that will, for the sake of their own cravings, answer any incoherent invitation that would draw their attention. Liber Falxifer III offers such needed understanding for the homing in on the actual essence of Qayin that we speak of and serves as such first and foremost the cause of the Necrosophic and K-Ainsophic Gnosis that have manifested it to begin with.

Not only does the book in question disclose the Qayin of our Tradition in a manner clear enough for all those that are in harmony with His Current but also the means to Know and Walk His Path in life, leading into and across an Unfated Death.

The book should therefore be of use to all that follow our Current 182, even if they initially cannot activate and esoterically employ the Cross-Seals themselves, as there is so much crucial information contained within it that needs to be meditated upon and understood in order to open the way for the sorcerous and initiatic Work that in time must follow.

As the understanding of Qayin empowers all workings of the Qayinite, on all levels, the Gnosis imparted from and made manifest by the grace of our Master, in this His Third Book, should benefit all those that belong to His Tribe, matter not if they be neophytes or adepts. Such benefits will just take different forms depending on where upon the Path of Nod one stands.

For those that have not put in enough work so far the mere promise of the workings and initiatic approach disclosed and hinted at within the book should cause additional motivation for the undergoing of the years of cultivation and solitary initiation, as now they have something very concrete to look forward to and lead their, at least, 4x13 months of initial praxis (based on the two first Books of Falxifer) towards.

This is all in line with our Temple’s goal; to in time fully outline a complete system of initiation spanning over decades, mirroring our own Traversing of the Path, so that even if we would not be around at some point the Work would still be able to continue and accomplish that which is needed, for and through our Enduring Bloodline, on both sides of the Tehiru.

8. Should the process of working successively with each of the 52 stations be seen as a separate system of spiritual cultivation, as an alternative to the other approaches of the Qayinitic work that is presented in Liber Falxifer I & II?

+++ Well, separate only when it comes to the exact details of the systematisation of the Path as outlined and the recommended approach to its traversing as mapped out in LF3, in contrast to the more unstructured and general “freeform” style of Work presented in the earlier books.

The earlier approach, as you put it, may not seem to overtly focus upon exact succession of the Stations and Aspects, but in certain parts, like the Formulae of Calling, you could already see the patterns detailed and expanded upon in LF3. Thus whatever you did based on LF1 and LF2 was meant to lead you at some point to LF3 and where it in turn can lead you.

One could focus on and through the general methods given in the first two Falxifer Books and still attain many relevant goals, but LF3 just makes available so much more focus, structure and clarity, which can be compared to trying to find your way out through a jungle with or without a map, as LF3 simply maps out the Path towards our goal.

They are as such not separate systems of Spiritual cultivation, but just the different stages of one and the same, one in our case having led to the concretisation and manifestation of the other.

9. In LF3 a specific order in which one should be working with each line is suggested, but are there also other options or should everyone in all contexts begin from the first station of the Akeldama line to the last, then proceed same way with Pesha Line, then Gulgaltha and finally the Fiery Blood and Black Light line? Is it possible, depending for example on each practitioner´s individual practical needs, actual experience or affinity with a particular Line over the others, to conduct the work in some alternative manner or succession?

+++ By answering this question I will actually make public some aspects of the Inner teachings we usually reserve for personal students and initiates of the Temple, but it is good I think to make some of the alternatives clear here for those interested enough to pay proper attention.

The general approach when it comes to the Initiatic work and Succession of Stations and Lines is either that one work from 1-13 of each line in the given sequence, in order to become fully immersed within each line, or one can follow the more esoteric approach and work the lines and stations in what we call "Parallel Succession".

This Parallel Succession of the 52 Stations or the Coiling/Twisting Through the Four Lines of Nod is accomplished by for example first working the first station of Akeldama, then the first station of the Pesha, then the first station of Gulgaltha and as a final step in this sequence the first station of the Dam Lahat wa-Aur Shachor line. Each station and line would in such setting for example be focused upon for at least 21 (the shorter period suitable for those that work in a very hard and focused manner and that already possess initiatic empowerments) or the most often recommended 31 nights and first after that period the focus would be shifted towards the parallel station, of the same number, belonging to the next Line of Nod.

In this way the work becomes more balanced and one get to experience and by the externalisation and internalisation get to Know the essence of the different parts of Nod within a shorter period of time, encircling the 52 Stations and Points of Qayin in the Serpentine manner, spiralling anti-clockwise towards the centre and the Transcendent Station of K-Ain.

This approach allows one to experience the different lines in a quicker and more balanced manner, having as its only drawback the fact that it for some will become too intensive to shift focus between the lines in this fashion and to balance the work of the different parallel stations in the most effective and correct way.

This can specially become a problem when one reaches to the more advanced stations, as to move in parallel succession between them can become very demanding for most people. It may also for those that lack a strong foundation throughout the Points of Nod (established via the general workings of 182) hinder the deepest Immersion into the Essence and Spirit of each Line, as one must so often shift focus between the lines after the work of each station. For those that can understand/foresee that such aspects indeed would cause problems the working through the stations of 1-13 of each Line before moving to the next succeeding one is recommend, which is also why such approach is the publicly recommended one (as seen in Liber Falxifer III).

The advantage of the Serpentine Parallel Succession Approach on the other hand is that one much sooner can, by criss-crossing/slithering through and between the parallel stations, get to partake of the empowerments and sorcerous virtues of the different lines, which can be very useful and practical in one's life and active traversing of Nod, instead of having to wait for a very long time before for example at all get to experience the actual workings of the Stations of the Red and Black Line, which in such context would be reached first after few years.

A middle ground between the two different approaches therefore also exists, in which one at first work in the Parallel Succession manner between the lines up to a certain specific number of stations, so that one for the sake of example after having worked the 4x7 first stations return back to the other approach in which one come back to and start at Akeldama and there in the ‘Straight Succession of the Line’ work through 8-13, then moving to Pesha Line and working it until its final station in the same manner, followed by Gulgaltha and finally the Dam Lahat wa-Aur Shachor Line.

This approach allows both an initial experiencing of the Lines through the revolving parallel approach, in order to later shift into the manner that allows the greater focus on each specific line, making it also simpler for most to work the more advanced stations in their own line's succession towards the fruition within and through the Thirteenth Station, instead of having to juggle the heavy work of certain parallel station within a too short time frame.

After the primary and introductory entering into and through the 52 Stations of Nod, that the different above mentioned approaches entail, a 13 Stepped Approach to the work becomes also attainable, during which the original 52 become remade into 13 Stations, this by the unification of all of the Four Parallel Stations belonging to the same number, so that for example the firsts of each four lines are unified into one fourfold cross-seal and worked in unison in order to open their One Gate, of which there become established 13 all in all. This approach later is proceeded by the unification of the four seconds of each line, followed by the thirds and so forth and so on, until one have created and worked through 13 Fourfold Unified Cross-Seals (Cross-Roads) of Nod.

Via this esoteric approach, demanding deep understanding concerning both the practical and the inner and essential aspects of this Work, one can make the 52 Stations of the Cross into the 13 Gates of Crossing and the Four Lines into the One Path of Nod, wedding so the Slant and the Tortuous Serpents upon, within and through the Path so traversed.

This kind of esoteric application of the Stations are of course not something that one here can disclose in full, nor is the correct conjunction of the stations something that can be made public within these contexts, but its mere mentioning here together with all other hints pointing towards the same direction given in the public teachings is enough to Sow the Seeds within the minds and hearts of those few that Spirit seek to guide towards and through such still Hidden Points and Gates.

In the end those meant for the Initiation through the Stations of Nod must understand which approach, out of the three primary ones I have discussed here, is most suitable for them, by knowing their own limitations, as only one thing is sure and the same for all, and that is the fact that there are no easy ways to reach the top/Beyond and that proper Work and Sacrifice is a must in all relevant settings of our Following in His/Their Footsteps.

If Spirit is not present whatever given out with the best of intentions and for the sake of guidance will still lead to nought but confusion and obscuration of the Path, but if the Black Flame of the Thoughtless Light burns within and the Spirits of the Current grant their wise counsel, one will See and Know the secret points to thread in order to approach and finally pass into the Other Side.

When it comes to general sorcerous application of the Cross-Seals, outside of the strictly Initiatory settings, and there are some additional possibilities once one has sealed the initial pacts with the first stations of all four lines and committed to the Work, but in order to be able to fully employ the powers of each station, via their Cross-Seals, one needs to actually arrive to them and work within them in the proper fashion, as otherwise one can within these contexts never fully access that which is not earned through arduous cultivation. There are some possibilities, like when having worked with the specific essences of the Stations through the earlier general system of cultivation, or by the possession of any actual direct inner or outer links to any of the Stations, but full potential is realised first after one’s efforts leads to a deserving harvest, as all expands from within, towards and from that which is Beyond.

You cannot reap the fruits of that which you have not even sowed, among the possible exceptions, which must not be misunderstood as short-cuts (as sacrifices and Work owed must always in anyway be paid in full), could be if you are given certain enlinkments (as in the case of the abovementioned “outer links”) by a trusted other, for example as related to receiving Lineage Empowerments attainable from one’s elders that have already sowed, cultivated and reaped some of the fruits of the Great Work, that they also can choose to confer to worthy students/initiates, who still will only receive such gifts in accordance with what they themselves can grasp and thus not its full potential, until they have made themselves ready for it. But such Lineage Transference of Empowerments are usually something that take place within closed circles and between trusted parties and are not accessible to those outside of the private and familiar circle of initiates and Adepts.

As for the “inner links” mentioned it is more about the spiritual fruits of one’s earlier cultivation and Becoming that have created natural enlinkments to some of the stations of Nod, even before one would know about the specific aspects of such Points of Qayin. Such inner links related to one’s own becoming in accordance with one’s Deeds can also be forged fully outside of the ritual context and by having experienced the essence of the Stations of Nod within any relevant context there is possibility for the establishing of connections, which later could make possible access to the aspect and Station-specific powers of our Master Qayin.

This relates also to fact that the Qayinite Path is not limited to the ritual setting and instead is something that must be Lived, and when we have outlined Qayin’s own Doing and Becoming through Gnosis we must be able to understand that “Following in His Footsteps” does not mean just performing rituals, but also to act like Him and do His Work in all possible settings, and by such Good Deeds and Hard Work enlink ourselves to Him, step by step and Station by Station.

Here there will be room for much self-delusion when it comes to justification for the employment of alternative and seemingly easier and faster approaches than the more complex and time-consuming ones, creating a context within which most will be challenged by the blinding and misleading Adamite ego, thus the best course of action is as usual to take the Initiatory Route, once a valid one have been identified, instead of any kind of shortcut, as nothing of worth comes without a price or can be attained without proper sacrifice.

Those seeking too many short-cuts do so based on their own shortcomings and those seeking “backdoors” into initiatory systems do so as their natural place is to ever remain left behind, because of their own backwardness, thus never shy away from hardship or danger and instead do that which needs to be done and reap accordingly.

10. Is there also, besides the previous topic concerning the correct order of working with the Four Lines of Nod, any other recommendations you can give when it comes to best ways of studying, understanding and working with LF3 in order to gain the most from it?

+++ As for further specifications about how to effectively conduct the actual study and work with LF3 there is, again, for example one approach recommended to the students of the Temple that I also can share here, for the benefit of those that want to commit to the initiatory process.

In connection to this approach it is made clear that LF3 in actuality can be said to consist of two aspects; one being the written one (the actual LF3 manuscript) and other being the unwritten counterpart meant to be penned by the student and the worker of the teachings disclosed within the visible book. In this setting the student is asked to keep a Black Book of Nod, being a private and personal notebook and grimoire, which in time is to be filled out with the accounts and results of one's work with LF3 and the 52 Stations of Nod.

In this Black Book of Nod the students are asked to create 52 chapters, each divided into 4 separate parts.

The first part of each chapter is to consist of notes and key concepts taken primary directly from the LF3 teachings, this in order to aid in the process of learning and internalising that which has been visibly given out through the public teachings of our Temple. Specially all practical hints concerning actual rituals, corresponding elements, relevant formulae and all that outlines aspects of the Initiatory Work should here be highlighted and to all this also material from the other two LF books that can correspond with each station be added.

The second part is to consist of one's own personal understanding gained from the contemplation and understanding of, and the workings based on, the teachings recorded in the first part, leading here under this rubric to actual new personal insights and a perspective based upon that which has been given by the Temple and could be received by the student, manifesting here insights gained in any and all suitable forms, such as poems, prayers, invocations, rituals, pacts, sonic formulae, talismanic seals and spirit signatures of the legions of each line, all attainable through proper and traditional work with each Station, its Cross-Seal and the ruling aspect of the Master. This second part of each chapter is in other words the growing manifestation of that which properly is sown into the fields of Nod in accordance with the ethos of the Current 182, manifesting a Personal Secret Grimoire of one's own attainment in the footsteps of one's living and dead Lineage Elders.

The third part of each chapter is to be dedicated to Visions and the Work of the Eye and all Awakened and Awakening Dreams. Under this heading the student is to gather description of visions attained through trance-work, meditation, contemplation, divination, invocation, evocation, outdoor sittings, walking upon spirit-tracks or any other means that can grant Gnosis embodied as Telestic Forms perceived/received. These visions of the Master and His Deeds, Trials, Work, Path and Kingdoms, or any other symbolic imagery of relevance is to be recorded first in words in order to later hopefully develop into drawings/paintings or other kinds of iconic and fetishistic forms allowing the maintained manifestation of Spirit-Vision encapsulated within the Work of God-Making and God-Becoming/Apotheosis.

The Fourth and final section of each chapter is to be dedicated to a list of sympathetic, corresponding, enlinking, ensouling and enspiriting elements, related to, based upon and obtained through the Work that had manifested the three preceding sections. Here a list of elements from the kingdoms of plants, animals and minerals, with also the addition of certain less tangible links and applicable influences, once one understand how to incorporate such within these settings, are recorded and kept for reference as to expand all formulae employed for the manifesting, enlinking to, seating, empowering, quickening or otherwise reaching of the related and corresponding magical and Spiritual aspects.

By the manifesting of this Black Book of Nod each Qayinite will map out their own Becoming upon the Path of the Thoughtless and Fateless, aiding further in the expansion of the manifestations of the Current 182, contributing so to, and in return benefiting from, its Cause of Intrusion-Usurpation-Illumination-Annihilation-Liberation.

Thus it has been revealed how and why the Liber Falxifer III can become grasped in full only by those that it is meant for; meaning those that will work with it Traditionally and in accordance with its ruling treaties and governing tabus and Spirits, as otherwise not even its visible and manifested half can be understood, approached or in any essential part even glimpsed, as the essence of all theoretical aspects are realised only through effective and correct praxis. As such even if all secrets would be given out nothing is ever truly revealed to those that do not partake wholeheartedly in the actual Work.

11. What if for example a practitioner that have spiritual license to employ the Cross-Seals, because of the aforementioned 4x13 months of initiatic work already conducted within the Current 182, would happen to end up in prison for some reason, would it be possible for such person to begin work with the Pesha Line first, given also the fact that this particular line crosses with and imbues all the other 3? Is there also alternative ways one within such restricted setting at all can conduct the needed workings with the Stations and their seals, with the normal approaches obviously not being possible in such unfortunate settings? Could you in connection to all this also comment further on certain prohibitions against “law enforcement” when it comes to being involved in the Qayinite tradition, current and cult?

+++ We do have students of the Temple that are behind bars and obviously their approach to the work must be different and there are specific pacts in place that allows certain people, in certain specific circumstances, to enter and/or Work the Current via adjusted means.

Within such settings there are indeed some exceptions in play that could allow the practitioner to place main focus on the Pesha/Exlex Line of Nod, but this does not mean that the other lines are ignored, it is just about adjustments based on access and necessity.

Just because you happen to go to prison it does not mean you gain some kind of advantage, besides any natural ones that would befall you because of who and what you are instead of where you happen to be. In the same way that an actual farmer would have certain advantages when it comes to some aspects of Akeldama’s work and a graveyard worker would have certain established links to Gulgaltha, so can also a person involved in certain kinds of things related to the Pesha Line, or more specifically as in your question a prisoner, have some extra needs or already established links that based on necessity justify certain reversing in the order that the lines and stations otherwise most often need to be focused upon.

In such situations it is indeed possible for the practitioner to place primary and main focus upon and through the Pesha Line, but as should be evident for those that actually understand the Work there are always need for the empowerments and sorcerous virtuous of each Line and as such, one should also in such settings understand to address each Station of the Crossing of Nod.

When it comes to the actual cultivation and activation of the Seals of Qayin, and more specifically the 52 Crosses of the Master of Nod, pact-based Spiritual License dependent on the practitioner’s level of enlinkment and commitment to the Current and Tradition will allow alternative routes.

Here the Work will have to become more internal and while the seals may be traced in some form physically it will often be on the inner planes corresponding with Water, Air and Fire that the activation have to take place.

In the same manner fetishes, altar and personal temple are in such settings to be established for example on the Astral, solidifying thus the Spiritual as manifested through the Mental, as there will seldom be possibility to create and maintain such points of focus physically within such limiting circumstance.

This does not allow some escapism or laziness, as in truth such cultivation demand much more focus, if the eidola so created on the astral are to become properly Enspirited and maintained as Enlinkments to the Current.

This also connects to the offerings otherwise demanded on at least weekly basis, as it in prison will obviously be impossible to give the usual offerings and here once again the sacrifices most often have to be of the internal kinds, even if there also may be occasions when other possibilities present themselves, and in such cases the cunning must give that which can be given…

The simple rule that we give our students is that most often your best is good enough, when it comes to the devotional aspects, but when it comes to the bending of the world to align with your own Unfated Path you must overcome limitations of ego/the world and actually expand in power, meaning that good intentions take you only so far, but that in order to achieve certain things you must actually set events and powers in motion, mattering not where you are.

Thus each person will attain in accordance with their own inner and outer qualities, also when it comes to how much one can evolve within prison, but all is possible and if one have connection to the Temple there are things we often try to help with and specific guidance that we provide when needed, this because our Master is in one Current-Specific aspect the Saint and Patron of Prisoners.

It is enough to here state that no physical limitation should ever be allowed to stand in the way of one’s Spiritual Cultivation and Becoming in the Footsteps of Master Qayin.

Any justified crime is a saintly deed before Qayin, as He opposes and advocates the breaking of all limiting laws of tyrants, but ever upholds Justice, thus certain kinds of people are favoured by Him and through them He is enlinked to this World. Not all criminal deeds nor all criminals will fall into this category, the majority will not, but those few that do are blessed by His grace.

Such justification and Qayin’s role as the Saint of Criminals can only be understood through a deeper understanding concerning Qayin and His Cause, and by assuming as fully as possible His stance and ethos. This is something possible only after many years of cultivation of His inner and outer enlinkments and via direct communion with Him and the Spirits from His Side.

Through all this and by understanding Saint Qayin, which Liber Falxifer III should be able to aid you greatly with, as it is a whole book dedicated solely to His understanding, you should also realise what He opposes and why He does so. Here comes into play the prohibitions against the human variety of “Pigs”, as all enforcers of the laws that have as purpose to tame the Strong and keep in power the corrupt represent and manifest the Archonic tyranny in all of its most disgusting and tangible forms.

As the Saint of Outlaws, which is in reality an aspect of the Master that indeed manifests throughout each and every station of Nod, even if grounded overtly in the Pesha/Exlex Line, Qayin proclaims the strongest of bans against such scum and condemn them to dwell forever outside of His Light.

This issue should actually be a nonissue, as why would a rat approaching serpents expect kindness and kinship, or a pig facing the butcher expect anything but a bloody death?

But, the world is filled with fools and Akeldama is fertilised with their piling corpses and watered with their blood, as such all those that feel called are welcome to approach Qayin and receive His just but harsh judgment.

12. In Liber Falxifer III much focus is placed upon the 52 seals that represent Qayin’s different aspects and powers as related to the different steps in His Traversing of the Path of Nod towards Unfated Apotheosis. When looking at the forms of the Cross-Seals themselves one can see a clear distinction between them and for example the Insignia given in the first Liber Falxifer book, Could you please explain if and what such differences in outer forms indicates when it comes to the actual Essence they enlink to?

+++ The Cross-Seals are Spirit Signatures and codified pacts that enlink to specific points of both Qayin and His Path of Initiatic Becoming and are linked to the more esoteric essences of the Current, this in contrast to the Insignia presented in the first Liber Falxifer, which were more pictographic in form and suitable for the consideration of non-initiates and neophytes, mirroring so our own earliest stages of the work within the Current 182.

While the pictographic style of those seals reflected the folk-magical sphere that they overtly crossed into, mostly in accordance with a specific Argentinian lineage of the Saint of Death Cult that I hold links to, the more abstract, stark and linear forms of the Seals of Nod presented now speak of the more esoteric and purely Qayinite essence of the Current 182, without too many overt folk-magical aspects.

The Insignia presented in LF1 were and are still current-specific, as they are channelled by me within the context of crossing the two death cults that I worked through at that time, one being the Culto Privado of San la Muerte and the other being the Necrosophic and Chaosophic/Ainsophic Qliphothic Cult of Qayin within the 182/218 context. Thus while the LF1 Insignia of Death have certain familiar shapes and forms employed within the Argentinian Cult that have grown parallel with for example some of the ATR related expressions of witchcraft, they are still not from any other source than our own Temple and are as such stronger enlinkments to the Current 182 than to any aspect of the Argentinian cult of San la Muerte.

So even if they in form for certain natural reason have a familiar feel to them the pacts that imbue them with and maintain their powers are fully Qayinite and as such they are ‘masked forms’ related to fractions of that which through the Cross-Seals given in LF3 are presented in more uncloaked aspects.

While the pictographic forms speaks to the conscious mind and aid in the concretisation of intention and representation/manifestation, the more esoteric and abstract seals speak to the deeper and unconscious Self and possess generally a greater potential when it comes to establishing the more Spiritual and Wordless/Thoughtless kind of connection to and communion with the Other.

If worked with properly and with correct focus both kinds of these linear codifications will connect to Qayin, but while one set of seals on purpose establishes a “mirroring familiarity” for the earlier stated causes of Overlapping/Overtaking Enspiritment (Possession) and At-Azothic Elevation via Usurpation, the other more esoteric kind (like for example most of the seals from LF2 and all of the 52 Cross-Seals from LF3) moves more directly towards the Current-Specific Essence, without any digressions.

Thus these differences, when it comes to their forms, does not here necessarily indicate actual deviations when it comes to the essences they are linked to and potentially can enlink you to, but they do represent different approaches when it comes to the manifesting, knowing and working with that essence.

As an example of how different perspectives and reasoning can grant, or deny, one access to the essential aspects of a seal is for instance the contrast between when a non-initiate and an actual initiate look at the First Insignia given in LF1, as that seal could be perceived as a very straightforward and simple one to understand.

The non-initiate take for granted that what they recognise from some other context also within this setting must hold the same meaning; looking to the trident and remembering that the name of Exu was written in the introduction of the book (forgetting/ignoring that it was mentioned within a context explaining specifically that while sharing some similarities the two cults are totally separate, understanding not that the trident for us link up to many mysteries related to the direction/directing of the Triune Aspects of Power and Spirit), looking at the cross-handled sickle symbol to the right side and assuming that the seal must be overtly Saturnian (understanding not that the Sickle also is related to the Venusian sphere and to the Work of Akeldama, or that with the blade positioned in such exact manner certain specific directives are both given and received), looking at the pentagram to the left side and assuming some exoteric association with black magic and vulgar Satanism (knowing again not the relevance of the Venusian connection or the practical implication of the elemental ladder it constitutes in connection to the increasing of quintessential Azoth, in this setting given by the addition of the power via offerings and sacrifices), looking at what obviously must be the roman numerals for the number 13 (considering not certain codified meanings contained within that part of the seal related to the Four Lines of Nod, one being represented by the Intersecting X of the Exlex Line and the other 3 by the vertical ascending/descending lines, representing so the Fourfold Path of Nod to the 11 of the two horizontal lines framing the XIII, hidden within what is seemingly masked as the number 13, which again relates more to esoteric concepts of Nod than to the obvious exoteric ones) and looking to the skull and assuming that simply death is implied (taking not into account that the skull represents the Ancestral Force, first and foremost, as Death as a Power precedes the skeletal remains of the first human dead, the skull becoming as such an Oracular Gate of the Dead, in this case with two aspects, one leading to the Spirits of the Mighty and Blessed Dead and the Other to the Lingering Souls of the Cursed and Cursing Dark Dead, and one or the other gate will here open depending on by whom the gate it is approached, in which exact manner and why).

Thus by understanding or misunderstanding the Insignia’s pictographic elements one could hit or miss the mark, even if it is a seal that based upon pacts remain primarily enlinked to a certain specific essence, but if uninitiated perspectives comes in the way and hinder the correct approach (mattering not if it be on the level/plane of the physical, astral, mental or Spiritual) needed for the proper unlocking of the seal, the pacts will be if not broken at least not accessed, and the result will be anything but the intended and desired ones.

Following protocols and the suggested context-specific reasoning and associations, even when a full understanding concerning the esoteric motives behind them may be lacking, is as such still better and wisest in these settings, rather than “doing it one’s own way” by attributing seals with wrong associations and meanings, just because one simply have no apprehension for the Traditional codifications, system of thought and practical approach.

13. For the activation of the Cross-Seals, each Line of Nod has its own general formula which then is to be expanded with further parts harvested from the kingdoms of plants, minerals, animals and the dead in harmony with each specific Station. Are there exact sets of formulas for each Line that one must figure out, or can different variations work equally well depending on the practitioner’s own personal knowledge and experiences with for example the Black in Green?

+++ This is a topic explained in the book, but I can clarify further that it is indeed possible to come up with many different formulae for the primary blends needed for the accessing of the Lines generally and then by the additions of further elements to the main formula of each line create Station-Specific blends to be employed for the consecration of inks, paints and chalk, the making of incense, oils, infusions and tinctures and for the foundation of many of the amulets, talismans and fetishes employed within the cultivation.

It is expected that the actual students, practitioners and/or initiates by the time when they have passed the initial learning period defined by the ruling treaties of our Work have learnt enough to be able to create their own traditionally correct formulae. There are enough hints to point to the correct direction throughout the public teachings that we have made available, as we otherwise would not take such things for granted, but also instead of staring at my pointing finger I also expect that those that this Work is meant for are wise enough to look at what I am actually pointing to, and go there and explore new aspects of that which is relevant and so expand their knowledge beyond only that which otherwise has been served on a silver plate.

With this I mean that students are not to limit their learning to that which I have been directed to concretely set down in the books, but they are expected to based on such teachings offered also figure out generally relevant areas for further studies and so based on the traditional approaches test, for example, other plants and elements besides those that we have presented in the books, and so get to learn for which kinds of work and with which Line such other elements harmonise and so have at some point at least more than 200 different elements (from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to start with) with which to forge the different Points of Sympathy and Antipathy needed for the accomplishment of our Telestic Arts and practical sorceries.

The study and employment of the Black In Green for example was never meant to be limited to the mere 72 that we, based on the ruling pacts, presented with their Spirit Signatures in LF2, and students are all expected to learn from that which had been given and expand their knowledge and work in accordance with the traditional ethos and approaches hopefully familiar to them by now.

Thus each practitioner will be able to create different formulae, but if these formulae are essentially correct and in harmony with the Current 182 that they are meant to work within they will all be in concordance with each other, even if each person would have employed totally different physical elements, as what they in totality are meant to create and influence is that which must be the same, even if the individual ingredients employed could very well be totally dissimilar.

A hint that I also give to personal students is that they need to make sure to consider the “Secondary Causes of Attribution” when needing line-specific elements, as for example harvested wood from a tree growing in an orchard may give you different spiritual access than what it for example would have given if that same kind of tree would have grown in a Cemetery. The less obvious Secondary Causes of Attribution comes also into play very strongly when we reach the Pesha Line proper and later also the Fourth Line, but more than this I do not feel comfortable to disclose within this setting and leave the rest for the wise and the cunning to figure out.

When you are ready to work the Cross-Seals all these approaches will be clear enough, if they are not and you still wish that someone else would have just given you all the needed formulae then you can rest assured that you are not ready for this Work.

In this context, related to one’s readiness in accordance with one’s attained level of solitary or formal initiation, to try to fool others is meaningless and to lie to yourself is idiotic and counter-initiatic, thus self-honesty and insights gained via years of devout study and correct and traditional praxis is the only thing that will Open the (Actual) Path.

14. In earlier publications, the most transcendent aspect of Qayin (and His Bride) has been named as Baal(baalat)tzelmoth, enthroned as one of the eleven heads of Azerate and ruler of Oreb Zaraq. However, in LF3 the Station of Baal Tzelmoth is the 10th one of the line of Fiery Blood and Black Fire, thus having three further aspects/Stations even beyond that point, with the 13th and last one being that of K-Ain. As these last four Stations are entirely Qliphothic, what are the differences when it comes to the employment of their corresponding Cross-seals in comparison with the Baaltzelmoth Throne-seal/s given in earlier publications?

+++ Yes, while within the settings concerned with a “general presentation” certain concepts have been introduced in less complex forms we have in Liber Falxifer III a more focused and detailed revelation concerning certain issues, related to what you ask about.

While the Baalbaalath-Tzelmoth indeed encompass the Head of Oreb Zaraq it holds within itself a ‘Tetrad of the Stations of Nod’ that have crossed beyond the cosmic side of the Tehiru and lead up to the pinnacle of the Qlipha that the Becoming of Qayin emanated from and leads back into; Serpent-Seed Becomes the Dragon’s Head.

The Baaltzelmoth Seal focuses on the Qlipha in a consolidative manner, granting access to the totality of its potential only if the fullness of the sphere is Known, while it otherwise limits the connection to the basal Qliphothic Point that its name refers to, this in contrast to the Work that can be accomplished and the Gnosis that can be attained via the Cross-Seals of the Qliphothic Stations of Nod, which in turn can grant access to the fullness of the potential harboured within that Grand Throne Seal.

This explanation will make no sense unless you have studied and understood the aspects presented in LF3 in comparison to what we in the other books had disclosed about the Qliphothic Zenith of the Qayinite God-Head (meaning literally the Head of the Other God corresponding with the Perfected Fullness of Qayin’s Spirit).

To put it in even more clear terms I can say that unless you have experienced on some relevant level and so understood some fraction of the Four Cardinal Qliphothic Aspects of Qayin you will not have the possibility to fully activate the Throne Seal of the Ruler of Seventh Qlipha, and will at best reach the 10th Station of the Final Line of Nod, which of course is glorious in itself, but now you have been given the means to aim even higher and attain more completely, for as He did so shall we also do.

15. Due to the hidden nature of the Holy Mother that prohibits extensive public teachings regarding Her Works, it is understandable that a full disclosure of a similar nature to LF3 will not be made available. However, without revealing too much, is it possible to further build upon the Work presented in LF2 regarding Sancta Q. through the seals given in LF3?

+++ Yes, that is a possibility, if certain essential aspects concerning the links between Sancte Qayin and Sancta Q is realised on the inner levels, based on actual experience and Gnosis.

Once one understand Qayin within such context it becomes impossible to not at the same time also realise certain fundamental mysteries concerning His Other Half, and hints regarding this issue are scattered throughout LF3.

This does not necessarily allow you to employ Qayin’s Cross-Seals in order to directly connect to the Rose-Crowned Mother, but once you are within a Station of Nod concretely and there Work properly you will stand in the presence of the Holy Concealed One, in the aspect that reflect Her own Being, Doing and Becoming corresponding with that of Saint Qayin.

As usual there are restrictions placed upon how much one can speak of issues related to Her mysteries, as within Current 182 it is She that is the Hidden Flame within the Cloaking Darkness of Qayin and the Veiling Night that guards His own most essential mysteries, thus we are instructed to allow Silence speak of Her instead of the profaning words and limiting thoughts that never can do Her Splendour any justice.

There are established treaties with the Holy Mother within our Temple that have granted us as concrete, seating/Enthroning, enlinkments to Her as the ones we possess to Saint Qayin, but at this time none of them are “cleared” by Her for the inclusion within the Public Teachings, but She is ever present within all aspects of the Great Work and Her Light will illuminate all those made worthy before Her, ever guiding the faithful towards the Revelations of Her Salvific Beauty Concealed.

16. The Nephilimic Line of practice has been mentioned and hinted at throughout the Liber Falxifer books. Some years ago, on the old Temple of the Black Light website, a book completely focusing on Nephilimic Witchcraft was included on a list of planned future publications, are there still plans for such a release?

+++ The Nephilimic practice is firmly rooted within the 218/182, with its key points all being directly connected to the Qayinite and Qliphothic ones, and as the systems focused on these mysteries have evolved in our Tradition so has the Nephilimic Work become fully integrated into both the Qayinite Witchcraft and the Qliphothic Ceremonial Work, and thus remains no longer as a separate line or path.

The Nephilimic Witchcraft is now divided so that in one aspect it relates to the Qayinite mysteries of the Fiery Bloodline and its expansion and propagation, and in the other aspect worked and focused upon through the Nahemoth, creating so a bridge between the both sides of the Tehiru.

The relevant material connected to this Line of Practice will be part of the forthcoming LF4 (Liber Falxifer IV – The Book of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire), planned for publication around 2018. It will be included in the form of an extensive chapter disclosing the main practical names, seals, formulae and tools employed for working with these Awakened Angelic Forces.

17. If I understand things correctly the planned content for Liber Falxifer III was changed during the process and the initially planned content will instead be included in a fourth book. Given that Liber Falxifer III describes and gives access to each step of the Master's (and his followers) becoming and overcoming of the world, so enabling lifetimes of workings, it is hard to imagine what further needs to be given and presented to those walking the Qayinite path. So, can anything at this point be disclosed about the content that has been "saved" for the fourth book?

+++ There was a great amount of material originally planned for LF3, but plans changed and instead the 52 Stations of Nod was decided to be brought to the forefront and presented in a way that would allow it the singular focus it needs, based on its initiatory relevance and general importance.

The outline of the Four Paths of Nod have by now been presented clearly, but our own specific rituals and workings related to them have not, and that in itself could be the topic of a few additional books. There are also many important matters that only have been touched upon briefly, like for example the Nephilimic mysteries asked about earlier, and there is room for much more focused and detailed discourses concerning related subjects.

Just for the sake of reference I can mention that in the folder I keep notes and texts for LF4 I currently have saved circa 140 texts, so even if only half of that material would be “cleared” for public presentation it would give around 70 texts or chapters, so there was indeed much that could have been included and which shall be included in the next and fourth instalment of Liber Falxifer.

As each and every text we make publicly is based upon either my own personal or the collective Spiritual and/or magical operations and projects of the Temple (T.F.C.) that have proven to be successful enough to warrant them for inclusion within the material “cleared” by the Overseer of our work for public presentation, the source for new texts that I could include in my books only expands with the passing of time.

But all this also explains why it takes years between the manifesting of each book, as our writing is based upon our Work and actual esoteric insights gained through hard-earned accomplishments and not on mere fantasies.

18. I would like to ask for your opinion when it comes to the concept of “Magical Currents” and the fact that nowadays it seem like if a handful of different so called “currents” inspired by the 182/218 seem to pop up from time to time, all of them showing overt and open (unsolicited) “Support” to the 182/218 Currents at first, but after a short while when it becomes clear that they in no shape or form share the same ethos, actual drive, dedication or essence as the Temples you are connected to they make up some own name or number to label and promote their own “system”. Does this phenomena go against the goals of the Temples you are connected to and something that you oppose, or are such manifestations in some way aligned with the overall strategy of the Temple?

+++ Monkey see, monkey do, and that is okay and something we actually count on, as it serves our Cause of Infiltration and propagation in some of its forms, the only problem being that these monkeys often see and try to do, but simply cannot do it good enough to serve the cause on the more relevant level.

Infiltration, as related to Qayin’s Tenth Station of the Pesha Line often take the seemingly reverse form of the work of the Fifth Station of the same Line, allowing that which we on purpose make available and public to be “taken” by and into the areas where we want to cause influence, permitting or provoking for example certain targets to either because of profane motivations and attractions, or even in some very interesting and successful instances out of obsessive jealousy, envy and spite, incorporate aspects of that which we have made public and available into their own systems, groups or in the most relevant cases closed and otherwise initiatory, or culturally defined and confined, traditions.

We have had great success in achieving certain goals that we had proclaimed, in parts, publicly over a decade ago, thanks to those that now would consider themselves our “rivals”, almost all of them being people that at some point had first approached us seeking affiliation with and initiation into our Currents and Temples, but when deemed as unsuitable became spiteful and obsessed, instead of being thankful for the honesty shown to them when they were turned away.

Now what such failures earlier could not do for the right reasons and for their own potential benefit they do out of spite, by for example trying to steal from that which we have made readily available to all and incorporate it into their own systems, resulting in them gladly and gleefully doing our Work when it comes to the infiltration of certain targets that they now have connected themselves to, allowing so the propagation of specific streams of the 218/182 to gain strongholds and new invasive points of manifestation (or to cause certain specific benefic effects and/or malefic afflictions).

To be credited or respected by such victims are the last thing we want, thus as long as they serve Our Good Cause, even if it is done unknowingly and unwillingly, let them be happy and enjoy the crumbs that befall them from the table of their betters. Where they see only mundane gains that they obsess about we look to other aspects related to the actual furthering of the Essence of the Anti-Cosmic/Qliphothic/K-Ainic Currents we represent and manifest.

It matters therefore not what name and number they ascribe to what they “make up”, promote, sell or in more rare cases actually do (as most of them pose, pretend, talk and write much but do very little), as long as they actually do something and become of some use instead of remaining useless.

While our teachings will benefit the dedicated students that follow and take them to heart because of the expressed and intended Spiritual reasons and put them into practice in the correct and traditional manner, all aspects of the scattering of that which is made public will still benefit the Current we work for and within, even when misused by the unfit or approached incorrectly and applied adversely by the blind. It is here that the Blessing and the Curse comes into play and those that are not of the Flames of the Black Light are made to serve as that which must be engulfed during its spreading.

For if that which is sacred could actually be desecrated by the profane its very initial public disclosure, in all and any form, would be the gravest act of its desecration. But the sacred is precious and holy because of its inherent and actual transcendental nature, which is something unapproachable for those that do not share in it on an essential level, this meaning that those that are nothing but empty husks of clay will only have access to the coverings and never to that which is contained within and beyond the outer shells.

You can therefore rest assure that all that which we make public will be warded and meant to poison or possess all but those few that will partake of it in the intended correct manner.

To answer the final part of your question I can tell you that all the invasive points of influence that we hold or gain, even and specially by and amongst those loudmouths and imposters that think themselves, because of their actual atheism and other ego-based delusions, safe and beyond approach, do in a very concrete manner assist in the realisation of some of the goals of our Temple/s. Thus we again follow in the footsteps of our Saint Qayin, granting elevation to the lowly, by allowing them to at least come to some Good Use.

19. During these passed years the number of individuals and groups on the internet, especially on social media websites, trying to look like they are officially representing, or at least are connected to the Current 182/218 has increased, while the actual Temple of the Black Light and Templum Falcis Cruentis does not have any official representation online. What are your thoughts concerning these Internet related issues in general in connection to imposters and misguided individuals visible online and is there some plans from TotBL and T.F.C. to counter this? Are there for example any plans for new websites for the two Temples?

+++ We have so far passed two phases of public manifestation and presentation of the Current 218, spanning now over a little more than two decades, the first phase being a youthful, aggressive and misanthropic expression and attempt at grounding the Azerateian Current and the second being the more evolved forms of the Tradition that a decade ago more successfully started to embody the Current 218 through the Chaosophic Anti-Cosmic Luciferianism of the Temple of the Black Light.

Both these passing phases had a very limited online presence, confined to and focused only through the official websites that had as function to offer a point of contact and a means for the spreading of certain notions related to what we had coined as “Anti-Cosmic Satanism/Luciferianism”. Such confined points of interaction served the ‘separatist stance’ of our People and Tradition, while others employ “Satanism” as a means for social interaction and a form of escapism from their actual inactive and profane lives we have always made a point to not allow our Path to become another “friendship club” for lonely misfits, or a cult of personality where “teachers” make themselves more important than their teachings.

Based on such assumed stance we have always limited our online presence and have not linked our websites to others, nor openly supported or accepted the support of any other persons or groups, not publicly at least, as that which is done privately is very different from what outsiders are allowed to see or know (and thus also beyond the point here).

In their due time these official websites were removed after having served their intended purposes, which amongst other things had been the establishing of certain ideas and their related symbolism, terminology and aspects of their practical methodology, through which the Current 218 would be able to spread and exact influence, oppose, inspire and/or disrupt.

Because of the above-mentioned separatist stance, with our people making a point out of not wanting to be linked to unrelated others, or being represented in any form within any setting other than the actual few Official ones, it was made clear many times that we would not have students or teachers of the Current represented on for example Myspace, Facebook or other such social media sites, frequented by those that uphold the antithesis of our ideas and ideals related to the Private and Sincere nature of the, for us, relevant forms of Spiritual Practices.

Over and over again it has been made clear that all people claiming any forms of representative capacity in connection to the Currents 182 and 218, outside of the strictly official contexts directly related to our Temples, are imposters or mislead simpletons.

Thus it should have been made perfectly clear to all those that have paid the slightest of attention that the poseur clowns on the internet that you ask about are as far removed from our own students and initiates that you can ever come.

With the passing of the two mentioned stages, each consisting of 11 years, we are formally initiating the Third Phase, leading us towards the symbolically significant year 2018, in connection to which there are again plans for official websites, as a small part of the Work related to the further propagation and expansion of that which we strive for, both through the Current 218 and its Qayinite expression Current 182.

As usual the websites will only remain as minor details in the grand scheme of things, but shall serve some specific purposes and also offer once again actual means for contact, guidance and different levels of affiliation.

When it comes to Templum Falcis Cruentis, we have so far limited our public presence to the teachings offered through the three Liber Falxifer books and have so far not had any online presence whatsoever, and still managed to have great success in what we had set out to achieve, as the ‘acknowledged practitioners’ of our Qayinite Cult outside of the Inner Court of our Temple number now close to 200, and taking into consideration our high requirements related to discretion and dedication and the demanding nature of the cultivation itself this is a very high number.

If you then also consider that to most people it seems an impossibility to even contact us, as the means for contact have been seemingly lacking (at least to those that only can reach and grasp that which is served to them on a silver platter) the mentioned number of “recognised practitioners” become even more interesting and impressive.

But, in connection to the Third Phase of the Great Work of the intersecting Currents of 218 and 182, and the Path of 2182 that they in unison open to Sitra Achra, we will in time also establish a modest online point of manifestation for T.F.C., to serve similar ends as the one of the TotBL.

The web address of the Current 218 website is
and that of the T.F.C./182 is, and these are and shall be the only websites officially connected to us, making it easy for all followers of our Path and Tradition to distinguish between the authentic source and the online antics of the keyboard/Facebook “Satanists”, that have replaced the now obsolete Laveyan Atheism once opposed by the people standing on our side with something even more pathetic, pretentious and worthless.

While some form of online presence is forced by necessity our main means for spreading the teachings will remain through the official publications of our Temples, as our objective shall always be to expand in the real world and through those that share our K-Ainsophic Inclinations, based on a true Spiritual Calling, instead of some kind of internet trend or interests in irrelevant subcultures.

That which is meriting is what is conducted privately and unseen by the profane and as such the essential Work will always be carried out outside of the comfortable and (seemingly) safe make-believe world of the attention seeking “internet Satanists”, spending more time online posting nonsense than what they ever spend on any actual studies or practices related to anything even remotely connected to the esoteric.

20. In some traditions, when something negative happens in the life of a practitioner, it is sometimes regarded as a sign of the spirits worked with are punishing or "testing" him or her, as if the spirits in question are not satisfied with practitioner's work and/or offerings for example, even if the practitioner believes that he/she has done everything correctly. What is your view upon such matters, and does Qayin and the spirits faithful to His Cause "punish" and "test" the devotees in similar manners?

+++ Well, to start with I feel it is necessary to point out the distinction between actual Traditional perspectives concerning matters such as this compared to the modern and essentially atheistic systems of thought.

Nowadays with most people engaged in what they dress up as the “occult” (specially the so called LHP variety) either for the sake of monetary gain or internet fame, instead of actual ‘private’ interaction with Spirits for the sake of the cultivation and expansion of the Light/Fire of the personal Spirit, there are of course many justifications for doing everything one’s own way and as one see fit, mattering not on which step of the ladder one actually happen to be.

In this day and age of Internet/Facebook/YouTube “gurus” and self-publishing of nonsense everyone can claim to be a teacher and an adept, even before having been a student and thus it is in such people’s interest to “not believe” in any negative consequences when it comes to the breaking of Spiritual Tabus, as such things could otherwise of course put a damper on their charades and stand in the ways of their ego gratifications, in connection to their roleplaying games motivated by the approval and “likes” from people similar to themselves.

Within the Traditional contexts one does on the other hand focus on established Tabus that constitute and uphold the cornerstones of any pact-based system, within which Spiritual Licenses and Permissions are needed in order to even attain actual contact with the Spirit-Core of the Tradition in question, which imbues all of its “forms” with Current-Specific power.

If such Tabus are broken or otherwise not taken into consideration the Essence/Current itself will never be accessed in accordance with the Lineage Pacts that have earthed and anchored it and thus even if people play around with all the seals, names of power and rituals given out in different books they will still never even taste the actual potential that is available to those that would approach the mysteries correctly and in accordance with their ruling treaties and covenants agreed upon by both man and Spirits.

The problem with modernism is always the atheism and lack of Spirit (more often mistakenly described as “lack of belief in spirits”), but for those that do not share in the spiritless blindness of this current age of decay and have the Eye to see and be seen by the Spirit/s with the whole approach is one of Spirit Interaction and Cultivation, placing at the forefront certain crucial concepts related to the Principals of Sympathy and Antipathy in connection to the forces one seeks to attract and repel.

If such forces are understood as essentially external ones, instead of the delusions of the hylic modern psychological models that try to explain all deities and spirits as solely parts of the conscious and unconscious mind, taking not into account that all internal aspects also have (or merely reflect) external ones, one must understand that there will be consequences based upon how one interact and harmonise with these both internal and external Spiritual forces.

From our perspective the influences of Demiurgic Archons are for example not something any less tangible than a bullet shot from a gun, nor are the effects that the blessings and curses of our own side’s Spirits/Deities have upon our lives, it is such obvious that we do not ascribe neutrality to any occurrences in our lives and instead credit the different forces surrounding us for all fortune and misfortune that befall us.

This does not mean that we consider ourselves powerless pawns without any control over our own destinies, for that is the role reserved for the spiritually blind, for when you can not see and/or understand the inner and outer forces that pull you towards different directions you are nothing but a puppet, but when you see the strings and those pulling them and learn how to interact with them you can make sure to strengthen the influences of the side towards which you are drawn based on your own True Will and quality of Spirit.

This is what is upheld traditionally by the way of pacts and their related tabus, and of course if one side is weakened the other will gain in strength and in this case any weakness will of course strengthen those forces that would afflict one that have taken side against them, but there also comes consequences from those one have sided with, if one break the treaties upon which such alliances are established.

It is therefore for us the question of an actual Spiritual Warfare in which discipline is a necessity and there are rules that must be followed, even by those that otherwise champion Lawlessness, as the laws opposed are all those placed upon us by others in order to enslave us and not the structures that we ourselves have agreed upon for the sake of our own progress and victory.

Thus the “do it your own way” approach may be believed to work outside of the context of Established Systems and Traditions that embody specific Currents, but before you enter into an Initiatory Pact-Based Path, paved by earlier Covenants between those that have walked the Path before you and the Spirits of the Current in question, you must make sure to agree upon and be willing to uphold their ideals and strive for similar goals, as otherwise you will only place yourself in the middle of a battlefield without belonging to, nor having the backing of, any of the two clashing sides.

These are much more complex matters than what I now make it sound here and not issues solely dependent on for example your mechanical giving offerings to an altar, for if you are not essentially in harmony with the Path and its Spirits the result will still be all but the ideal ones.

If you on the other hand because of your intentions, attitude, stance, ethos, True Will and Quality of Spirit are in harmony with the forces we cultivate and reach for as and through Master Qayin, you will have their backing and gain their empowerments, as by strengthening you they are in such instances themselves strengthened, but you will still remain as a ‘Stranger In a Strange World’ and will have to be strong enough to endure the onslaught of the Archonic forces of this world, on both the physical and the less dense levels of being.

You will thus indeed be tested and hardened by the Work and the blessings and Curses of our own Spirits, but also constantly set upon by the blind Demiurgic forces of this world, which must put out all Sparks and Flames of the Black Light, unless they want to see their existence burnt and dissolved by the Thoughtless/Anti-Cosmic Impulse of (the Other) God.

So even if you are not tested or punished by the spirits on whose side you want to be, because of some breaking of Tabus or other such unintentional creating of the Points of Antipathy where those of Sympathy are warranted and strived for, there will still be constant opposition.

It is therefore a mistake to just consider Qayin and His Legions as the only factors in your life, if you belong to our Current, as the very fundamental principal of Actual Gnostic Luciferianism, such as ours, makes it clear that Existence is Strife and upheld by the tension between the opposing forces of Creation and Anti-Creation.

It is important to remember that our Master Qayin is in His/Their perfected state of Thoughtless Spirit still not beyond the dichotomy of Cosmos (Thoughtful Order) and Anti-Cosmos (Thoughtless Disordering), as Sitra Achra in itself must never be misunderstood as the Fullness/Emptiness Ain (or Primal Chaos), and instead as just the side of Divinity that strives to Return All (including Itself) back into that Boundless State.

There is as such no peace before Total Victory has been attained, nor should one ever long for such passive conditions while still being connected to any part of the Demiurgic Matrix, and as long as one is true to one’s Self (not to be confused with the Ego) and one’s Chosen Path (to which one is connected on an Essential level) any and all hardships should be defiantly welcomed, and understood as just another opportunity for one’s own strengthening and a stepping stone towards the reaching of the Transcendence and Liberation all our Work is meant to lead towards.

+ + + + + + +

Liber Falxifer III - The Book of the 52 Stations of the Crosses of Nod